Hello, my name is Minnowclaw and I am a big fan of the warriors and seekers!

Poll of the Week (updated Friday unless I'm away)

What's my best story?

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Week One:

1.) Power of Three 2
2.) Original 1
3.) New Prophecy 0

Week Two:

1.) Dovekit 3
2.) Ivykit 3

Week Three:

1.) Deaf cat 2
2.) The Gift of a Kit/Make a new one 1
3.) Demon 0

My Stories


LeafxCrow - after the gathering

This is a short story about what I think happened after the gathering where Hollyleaf told every cat that Leafpool was her mother.



This is about a cat called Thymetail when she was alive. But is now called Demon and posses cats. She can't remember how she died and every time she takes over a cat, she gets more of her memory back.

The Gift of a Kit

The Gift of a Kit

This is a story about a cat I made up named Minnowpaw.



Self explanatory.


Deaf Cat

Deaf Cat

Bloomkit is the main charactor. She is an only child and deaf. When her leader is going to make her an elder, her mom attacks him and he hears Bloomkit speak. Knowing she is smart, he takes her to the moonstone and now she can hear when she is around her mother, leader, and mentor.

Lizardtail's kit

Bloompaw is scared of Lizardfang's new kit because she saw him in a dream where she fell in love with him and they met. She keeps as far away from him as possible, but is unable to stay away because of her duties to the queens. Leafstep attacks very weird in this book and at the end. When Bloompaw gets her new name and tragedy hits her, Leafstep tells her a secret that changes her thoughts on Mistkit and Lizardtail forever.

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