aka Mary

  • I live in Somewhere
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is "Becoming a warrior does not take a day, becoming a warrior takes a lifetime."

Hi! Please call me Mary. I am virtually new to this wiki and hope to write and read lots of fanfiction in the next couple of weeks! Any ideas (like names for cats) are welcome and may be included in some of my stories.

My Fanfics:


  • A New Light (please check it out!)


  • Dawn of a New Era (if you've read A New Light this is the sequel to this. I am hoping to do a series about Heatherfoot and explore some of her adventures!) It is actually complete but just need to reread and edit some more.
  • Silver Moon (third book after A New Light and Dawn of a New Era; no spoilers though!) This book is well under way now, so looking forward to publish in coming weeks.
  • My first short story called Foreststar's Hope. This is going to be a fairly short story of how the Clans formed, and we find out how the four cats: Forest, Water, Cave where Voices Echo and Darkness of Frozen Stars come to create the Clans.


  • Possibly a prequel of A New Light, exploring Heatherfoot's life as a kit or on the lines of that.
  • More books in A New Light series.
  • Any ideas anyone can give me!

My fav Warrior Cats

  • Jayfeather - best cat to go to when you want to have a moan!
  • Feathertail - has one of the most tragic deaths in the warriors series. She was so lovely too!
  • Gray Wing (Graywing) - so brave for standing up to Clear Sky!
  • Bluestar - she's just awesome! She was the fire and will always be!
  • Spottedleaf - why did she have to die the second time? RIP Spottedleaf

Thanks for visiting!


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