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Here is my brief introduction: this may or may not contain everything.

The Series

The Return of SkyClan Series

Well, its my main series, so this is the list of books and their summaries.

Set 1:

  1. Robinsong's Quest - Robinsong is the young SkyClan medicine cat apprentice. One night, she recieves a dream, telling her she must leave to go on a quest with Featherpaw and Olivepaw. Will they safely reach the clans by the lake?
  2. Robinsong's Return - Robinsong, Sunspots, Featherpaw and Olivepaw have made it safely to the lake - only to discover a secret that must remain hidden. Will it come undone?

Before the Series:

  1. Skies of Light - When a young she-cat is born, nobody suspects anything. Will the skies stay clear, or cloud over?

The Day Hedgehogs Flew (Series)

A comical series.

Set 1:

  1. The Day Hedgehogs Flew - Normal day, nothing new....or is it?
  2. The Flying Hedgehogs Return - Another Edition....Nothing much...
  3. Duck! Wait a minute, this is about Hedgehogs... - Shrewpaw is desperate to find out what he is going to do...
  4. Patience, Shrewpaw - The Set concluder in the series.

Set 2:

  1. First Hedgehogs, Now Badgers - YOUR FACE. No, actually, Hollyleaf has an iPhone 4S.

Among the Stars

A drama/romance series.

  1. Silver Among the Stars - The deputy of RiverClan, Silverbrook, comes across a young rogue named Apple. But something happens, and Apple's only connection to the clans has disappeared.
  2. Secrets Among the Stars - Applebird is now RiverClan's medicine cat, and is very content. Silverbrook discovers something that went terribly wrong...which leaves the truth.

The Wind and the Rain

Set 1:

  1. Howling Winds - Breezekit and Fallingkit are born to Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw. When Breezekit is severly injured when she does something by accident, her future is changed forever.

Walking in the Paths of StarClan

Set 1:

  1. The Sun, the Moon, the Clouds and the Stars - 5 kits... 4 alive, one in StarClan... one destiny.

Regular Stories

The Dawn of the Clans - A young she-cat suffers a horrible injury, driving her away from everything she's ever known. Will she survive?

Drip, Drop - Clearpaw, Cherrypaw and Wildpaw have just become apprentices, but as each of them finds their own struggles in the clan, they learn of a dark secret...


No blurbs. :]

I'd Lie - OA is Taylor Swift.

Superstar - OA is Taylor Swift.

Katniss's Song - OA is Suzanne Collins. WARNING: Sad. :P

What I'm working on Now

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Any Stories/Series Completed

Silver Among the Stars

The Clans and the Coffee machine

Robinsong's Quest

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