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Put your opinion here, and I will put my (brutally honest) opinion of you. C:

Zaffie's opinion is that Maplefern is a silly duffer and should be abolished forever (LOL, jks, I love you really.) - ZAFFIE! :D YOU SAW! Hrm, where to start...oyea. Zaffie has been my friend for a rather long time. C: I've known her since early 2010, when I was coding your Siggy.....? Or something like that. Anyway, she ended up hijacking Hedgehogs, which ended up to be a hodgepodge of hijacking and a very bored Shrewpaw. :P LOVE YA ZAF. YOU BANANA YOU. C:

Bird - Bird is an amazing friend and my loyal VP, who is usually on IRC and bored around the same time as me! C: She's on a couple of other wikis with me. *shifty eyes* I've known her for a while now. She's an AMAZING WRITER. Go look at her books now. Go. Scoot. Now.

Smudge - Smudge! :D She's not on as much as some of us, but she's really nice, and I wish she could be on more! But she has a busy life, something I understand. :P She's another amazing writer, and uses good grammar. :D Something I like.


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