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The overly friendly class

president. :3

I'm on tons of different Warriors Wikis. I really loved the series. C: I've been here since late 2009. December 27th, to be exact.

About Me

Name: Maplefrost, or Maple

Description: Cat: Golden tabby she-cat with bright, sparkling blue eyes.

Human: Ginger hair with brown eyes and lots of freckles. C: And green and purple glasses.

Interests: Writing, Horses, Reading, Drawing, Horses, Sleeping, Ponies, Horses, Browsing the Internet....did I mention Horses? :3

Nicknames (IRC or Here): Steve, Maple, Katniss_, Ninjastar, Maplefrost, Maple_, Applebird, Silverbrook, Foxpaw. C:

Height: 5'10"


10/02/2012 - Recoded Userpage! It took me an hour, and about 20 previews, but whatever.


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The lost Clan...

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