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Well Hello there, {{{1}}}! I'm Maple, you can call me Maple. I go by She/her pronouns. I would love to hear some Constructive Criticism from you guys ^^.

Siggies. ~~

My favorite pages

About Me!

Well, however you stumbled upon my page, you might as well get to know me? Here goes!

Likes: The color green, Wings of Fire, Seekers, Cats, Dogs, Nature, Snakes, HTTYD, Rain.

Dislikes: Bugs, Snow, Sun, The color Pink, Cleaning, Math, my BFFs (Feather and Raindapple)

Cat opinions

Firestar, well the fact that the first, I can’t even count, arches were made solely for Firestar, just.. no.

Leafpool, you were awesome until you broke the code. TWICE

Hollyleaf, you should have had powers, not Dovewing

Sol, you took Leafstar's kits! How DARE you!

Sandstorm, I liked you better when you weren't a mate with Firestar...

Best Warriors (and Wings of Fire) ships

WARNING: Spoilers


Squirrelflight x Ashfur

Tigerstar x Dovewing

Oakheart x Bluestar

Leafpool x Crowfeather

Crowfeather x Feathertail

And the best of them..


Wings of Fire:

Moon x Winter

Sundew x Willow

Arctic x Fatespeaker

Tsunami x Riptide

And the best of them...


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