aka lyrixel

  • I live in go away stalker :D
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is staying inactive and binge-eating cookie dough ice cream
  • I am gay, only active on wattpad and instagram, and still writing crappy fiction.
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Beware, this user is  MENTAL

Current Reads: nothing, Wuthering Heights, Six of Crows


'I believe that minorities deserve equal rights. if you don't believe in equality, you should be ashamed of yourself. bury yourself in a hole with a bunch of soul-eating monsters, please.
Yo {{{1}}}, I'm Lyrix, and I'm here to tell you that this user is very dangerous. P.S. this user isn't exactly really active nowadays, so please don't expect a quick response

My Fursonas

useless opinions

My diary

Here are all of my fanfics so far!


Reign - The Turmoil

Soaring Skies

Normal Fanfics:

One Hundred and One




Reign - The Turmoil - A collab with Feather





My current status:

Activity: dead

Mood: dead

Procrasination: dead

Stupidity: dead

Cringeyness: dead

Awkwardness: dead

Talkativeness: dead

About ME:

Age: just 14

Location: somewhere lol

Sibling Status: im lonely

Friend Status: I am an antisocial creature, thank you very much.

Friends: people, duh. everyone on this wiki unless if you piss me off.

Nicknames: I'm Lyrix, you can call me Cis as I'm not cisgender (the irony). You can also call me whatever name that pleases you the most. Honestly if you try to insult me you'd fail because I don't take insults seriously at all.

Pronouns: I use she/her and they/them, but you can call me literally everything and i probably won't be offended.

Nationality: Chinese.

Hair: What do you expect from a Chinese? I really want to dye my hair but nope, so it's a black bob with a tiny curly end on the right :p

Sexuality: I am queer and here.

Social Media Accounts:

SKYPE: @lyricsthatsing

Instagram: @lyrixel, @delacions, @lvrixel

Snapchat: @lvrixel

Wattpad (Shared with 5 other friends): @CxrruptedAngels

Tumblr: @lyricsthatsing

Discord: just come onto our server

Honestly just state what color/gradient you want for text and shading, font size, font, link. And for userpage I'll try my best

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