She is my very first fursona, but I seldomly go by her anymore nowadays as her name is pretty cringey -3- She also has unrealistic colorings, which is another reason why I don't use her :p She is a green she-cat with dark green eyes (IKR, so realistic.) and a brown ear. She is known to be gentle and calm, but has a darker, more depressed side which led to her downfall. She was in Mintshadepelt's Sorrow, which is deleted as it's pure cringe. She is an asexual.


Poppyflower is my second fursona, and I have to say that I like her very much! She is just like me, and has realistic colorings (which I've learnt to do after the Mintshadepelt incident). She is a tiny white she-cat with ginger patches, a thick, fluffy pelt, a bushy tail with russet and brown patches, long legs, large ears and pale green eyes. She is two-faced, as she can be irritated and hot-headed but in the next moment she could be sweet and caring, just like me. xD She is overall a good mother and a brilliant killer ahem, fighter. She is in Glowing, which will have a prequel soon c: The only thing is I prefer the name 'Poppydusk' over 'Poppyflower', so rip me as I can't change it xP She is a heterosexual.


She is my third fursona, and her personality is very much like Poppyflower. She is a pinkish cream tabby with a red stripe running down her back, a fluffy tail, sleek pelt (from swimming), small, curved ears and bright amber eyes. She is in Prophecy of the Saviors, and she's the main reason why the Clans were in jeopardy (she froze and rewind time, as that's her special power. xD) She is a heterosexual

Lyrics (Li-rix)

She is my mostly used fursona! She has violet eyes, a soft blue-gray pelt with silver flecks, a glossy and sleek pelt with a fluffy tail. She is always hostile and cold, acts cool but actually takes everything to heart. If someone hurted her emotionally, she would hide it well, buried in her heart- this is why she's always so depressed and self-conscious. If she loves someone she will show great care and affection towards them, and will sacrifice anything for them. She is physically tough, but appears as a soft kitty. She would do anything to save her loved ones, even if it means killing herself. She is a demi-panromantic homosexual.

Eureka (You-ree-ka)

She is technically my favorite one, but I seldomly go by her as people either mix her up with Lyrics or just... argh idk. She is a pale silver she-cat with blueish-gray eyes and a flecked white ear. Her personality is like Lyrics. She is a heterosexual.


She is my RP character on here (chat), and she has a really sad background. She joined the Dark Forest with her sister Skywood (Dogwood) after their parents died, and then Songlight turned psychotic and depressed. It was even worse two of her kits died and her mate left her, and that is that. Her personality will be revealed more while RPing xP She is a dark blue-gray she-cat with one blue and one purple eye and a white paw. She is a panromantic demisexual.

Alliuer (Ah-lei-wer)

She's a diluted calico (cream and blue tortie) with blind green eyes. She wasn't born blind, she actually had an eye infection when she was young and her right eye was left blind. Then unfortunately a fever took her left eye's eyesight as well, so she is currently blinded permanently. Alliuer is a graduated warrior from the Academy, she lives in the Elite with her friend Chia. She is an asexual.

Lazulle (Le-zu-li)

Lazulle is a blue-gray she-cat with a gray eye and a bright blue eye. She is known to be very, very introverted, and rarely trusts or speaks to anyone. Her voice though, has a melodic ring to it. She is homoflexible.

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