Lyrics's Opinion on YOU!

Update, 22nd May 2017: why was i so cringey in the past... i sound like a weeaboo...

Sign below :3

i didn't know whether to put my sig or this so i did this and can i just point out i was the first to sign? - ooooh! yay someone signed :D Sparrow/Atalia is really fun to talk to in chat! Although we didn't talk much ;p I believe she's really cool and nice, I can't wait to talk to her more and I love the fact that she believes in lucky numbers xD

Cool! I luv opinions :D - Foxey! HAi! She's really nice and awesome! The problem is we're in different timezones so we never really see each other :( I love her fanfics too!

Rainbear - YAY I HAVE AN ADMIN THAT SIGNED xD I think Rainy is a talented author and I love her songfics :3 We haven't talked much but I believe we have 2 things in common: 1. We both love All The Bright Places and 2. We both are classic fangirls x3

firey wants an opinion! c: - YAY ANOTHER ADMIN! Firey is my first friend and the first person I encountered on this wiki (wait no that was Sea xP) and I gotta say that she is an excellent coder! I'm sorry for bugging you for siggy requests, Firey... xD I also love her stories, especially Beauty :3 I'm a big fan! Also I believe Firey and I are classic fangirls too, and we love Before I Fall :D

why didn't I sign yesterday? the all-powerful stork would like an opinion please c: - YAY STORM!!! Storm is one of my all-time favorite friends and her fanfics are rad :3 She is also queer like meh, and we have a lot of topics to talk abt c: I luv talking with her on chat!

this sleepy kitty went to lyrix's user page to receive an opinion cx - MOO HAI!!! She is a really nice sleepy kitty, an awesome chat buddy and a kewl writer :3 We hold the same hate towards Dork Diaries, so yeah xD

Night the derpy Jayfeather and Graystripe loveh - Hey, Night :3 :DDD Night is my rainbow & tophat buddy and I love talking to her on chat, and I love offering her tophats :3

hi :D - Oooh Brams hai! I haven't talked to her much, but she seems cool and I definitely have to talk to her more often; She also has blue eyes too!

MEOW O_O - COCO!!!!!! She is a fellow PUSHEEN lover like meh, and we both hate Trump, so

(Just curious. - Hello Blade! I don't know you too well rip but you seem cool?

you and I are both Chinese??!! - ooo feather yo wassup. she's cool, yeah, and we're working on a series called Reign

FEATHER YOU'RE CHINESE??? - holly yo ummmmm i don't rlly know her soooo well but she's cool. yeh

ayyeee sup! - goldie wassup yeah she's really nice, spams eevee too much, and loves my cat. i love herrrr so muchhhhh check OUT OUR STORIES

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