Found on Google and Love it!

Hello! I am back from my LONG break from writing. I will rewrite my oldest stories and start on new ones as soon as I can (If I have time..*crosses fingers*)

My FanFics

  1. Sweet Memories (Series) - OLD
  2. Breezepelt's Fury- NEW
  3. Changlings: Split Stars- NEW
  4. Mapleshade's Claws- Not Made Yet but VERY SOON!


Wishes- A collab with Firey

Our Love- A collab with Jay and Dawn

My favorite pages!

  1. Transformer series
  2. Kittypet series and
  3. Sweet memories

Opinions On You People!

Here is th eplace to suggest opinions on yourself from me!

Le Eevee at your service~ -  I don't really know Eevee, But I wish to. I hear they are epic! (Update when I do get to)

Ooh. Can me get an opinion?- Firey! One of the first people that welcomed me back on the  wiki and fun to talk to! They have epic fanfics too. :D

Awesome has arrived -I don't really know Silver, but I want to. (Update when I do...)

I twas told bagels are in the sky 16:43, November 24, 2013 (UTC)

Plurplemurplederple Random noises are fun to annoy your parents with :3

Collab buddy! XDD Teach dat owl to fly. *Pushes forward a Spotted Owl to Luna*

YOU DUN KNOW ME. Read Echo, 10,000 words of.... ehm...

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