Just some tips..

<nowiki> and cancels out normal wiki formatting. </nowiki>

If you have a template, you can make it completly visible as the code, and not the actual template by putting t| right after the first brackets. so {{t|Templatename}}

The line ---- will make a nice divider

Three ' will make bold text. This is the wiki formatting to make bold text. So, here is an example: '''Hello, world, I am bolded text." would make Hello, world, I am bolded text. Do not use the HTML [b] and [/b]. They do not work.

Two ' will make Iltalic text This is the wiki formatting to make bold text. So, here is an example: ''Hello, world, I am slanted!'' Would make Hello, world, I am slanted!' Do not use the HTML [i] [/i] They do not work.

One ' will make nothing. Poor, lonely apostraphe.

Now it's time for the fun stuff! This is mainly used for signatures, but it does help if you need to have small text or whatever. Subscript and Superscript! Here is examples of both of them.

Superscript: <sup>Hi There!</sup>

Would make:Hi There!

You can also combine them! You only need to use one </sub> however.

So this:<sup>Hi <sup>There!</sup>

Would be: Hi There!

Subscript: <sub>Hi there!</sub>

Would make: Hi There!

Now it's time to add some links! normally [[ and ]] would go between link's words, but maybe you want to link to your userpage and you don't want to have like User:Loveleaf to show. So then it's coding to the rescue! So, here is an example: So instead of User:Loveleaf showing, you just want Loveleaf so then you add this to the link: /Loveleaf. So it would look like: [[User:Loveleaf/Loveleaf]] You can put anything you want in the /Loveleaf part. Just remember:Front part is pagename, second part is what you want the link to say.<br>

Let's change Font color! Font color is changed by the code <font color="Whatevercoloryouwant">Text Here</font> so the code for blue font would be <font color="blue">Text!</font> would be Text!

Let's change the font face! If you don't speak HTML, the font type! The font face is changed by this code <font face="Whateverstyleyouwant>Text!</font> The code for Comic Sans MS is <font face="Comic Sans MS">Text!</font> would beText!.

To combine the two, you do the same thing, but you only need one </font> so the code would be like this: <font color="blue"><font face="Comic Sans MS">Text here!</font> to be Text here!

Use Heading 2 for Chapters and Titles

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