About me


I am Littlesong, loyal WindClan deputy :)

I am also the worlds' biggest fan of smileys, and put them everywhere. You can even ask Dawnfeather, whose school books used to be covered with them. Oh, and her arms :) (ah... who doesn't love maths lessons?)

I am a total nerd, and love writing as well as Warhammer 40k and neuroscience. (I wanna get into noetics)

Oh, and possibly Warriors... not too sure... (this maybe a good time to point out that I use a lot of sarcasm and have a dorky sense of humour) XD

Also, I have started a series of novels and have already finished the first, so keep an eye out for that!!! (as soon as I remember to send it to a publisher)


My favorite pages

(In no particular odrer, may I point out)

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