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Warriors Fanfiction

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About me

I knew about Warriors for a time before I read it (because of my lil' cuz), and then one day, I decided I wanted to read it. So I went to the library, but it was closed, and it wouldn't open again until when I was at sleep-away-camp. So, after the two weeks at camp, I got home and read Fire and Ice. ('cause SOMEBODY *COUGHShinestarmysisterCOUGHCOUGH*) and was HOOKED! Now, I've read ALL of the books ('cept a couple magna and FE which I might get tomorrow). I LUV to write stories on here. =) YAY! And now... 400 EDITS! COOL!--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 01:53, March 30, 2010 (UTC)


I do not have a ton of friends in real life, 'cause I guess I'm weird! xD But if you want to be friends with the computer me and not the peculiar, pimply me, I guess it's okay then! Leave your sig, I guess

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My Stories


  • The Life of Nobility- The story I wrote about Firestar's (sobs) death. It makes me sad...
  • The Holiday Clans- My second story, co-written with my sister Shinestar
  • The Fierce Sorrow- Third, it's about Whitestorm, and it is poorly laid out and terribly written.
  • Seeking Leaf- A story about Crowfeather and Leafpool, but it starts form the beginning: Kithood.


  • His Loss- A sad poem about a cat's true grief. You have to read it to fully understand it.
  • His Family- It's about the damage Tigerstar has done to his own kin.
  • Mosskit- About Bluestar's kit who had a tragic and short life.
  • Snowkit- Poor lil' guy. But, at least in this he doesn't die.


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Others I feel like mentioning


On my RP site, my two main cats had 4 kits, 3 she cats & a tom. Mistykit, Honeykit, Ashkit and Lilykit. I'm thinking of making a plot twist, because our site is WAAAY too laid back for an actual fan fiction. It involes the uprising of a new clan, who's warrior, Blackpelt, is haunting the weakest kit's dreams, starting a domiono effect... DUN DUN DUn (thunder sounds xD). The series is going to be call Dominos.





It's Fallen Petals

Kits' Names

Mmkay. I need bird names [PRETTYFUL ONES]. I have a couple. Any more ides??

Kit's Warrior Names


Hey, everyone cares about Mistykit! Nobody has any name ideas for my other kits. Or maybe it'a just because she chose a really good name...




I loved all of these names, but her name has to be Lilypetal for my story for later uses.