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I luv Warriors, so why not write a few stories of my own? This wiki is SOOOO supportive, so I keep writing!


I do not have a ton of friends in real life, 'cause I guess I'm wierd! xD But if you want to be friends with the computer me and not the peculiar, pimply me, I guess it's okay then! Leave your sig, I guess

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My Stories



  • His Loss- A sad poem about a cat's true grief. You have to read it to fully understand it.
  • His Family- It's about the damage Tigerstar has done to his own kin.
  • Mosskit- About Bluestar's kit who had a tragic and short life.
  • Snowkit- Poor lil' guy. But, at least in this he doesn't die.


To Help Me find titles for other books, go to the polls.

Others I feel like mentioning


On my RP site, my two main cats had 4 kits, 3 she cats & a tom. Mistykit, Honeykit, Ashkit and Lilykit. I'm thinking of making a plot twist, because our site is WAAAY too laid back for an actual fan fiction. It involes the uprising of a new clan, who's warrior, Blackpelt, is haunting the weakest kit's dreams, starting a domiono effect... DUN DUN DUn (thunder sounds xD). The series is going to be call Dominos.





It's Fallen Petals

Kit's Warrior Names


Hey, everyone cares about Mistykit! Nobody has any name ideas for my other kits. Or maybe it'a just because she chose a really good name...




I loved all of these names, but her name has to be Lilypetal for my story for later uses.
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