Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Proof of my non-existent skills.


  • The Life of Nobility- My first story story I wrote about Firestar's (sobs) death. It makes me sad...
  • The Holiday Clans- My second story, co-written with my sister Shinestar
  • The Fierce Sorrow- Third, it's about Whitestorm, and it is poorly laid out and terribly written.
  • Seeking Leaf- A story about Crowfeather and Leafpool, but it starts form the beginning: Kithood.
  • No Choice- A story about this SkyClan apprentice, Rowanpaw, trying to bring peace with the help of his enemies.
  • Forgiven- Hollyleaf is alive. But can she truly forgive the cat that nearly cost her her life?
  • The Last Lie- Lynx wakes up, but she hasn't a clue who she is, nor the mysterious visitor who keeps her prisoner in the caves... (By far my favorite story I've written!)
  • The Cliff- You're traveling in a frozen field, and haven't seen any cat for days. You have no place to good, nor any reason to live. As you collapse and begin to close your eyes for the last time, you see a long trail of paw prints. Should you follow? It's your only hope left.


  • His Loss- A sad poem about a cat's true grief. You have to read it to fully understand it.
  • His Family- It's about the damage Tigerstar has done to his own kin.
  • Mosskit- About Bluestar's kit who had a tragic and short life.
  • Snowkit- Poor lil' guy. But, at least in this he doesn't die.


My series. A bunch have been like, not edited in about, like, 8 months. *shrugs*

Clan Kits

  • Clan Kits: Stepping Stones- Stonekit feels abandoned in ThunderClan, where his foster mother thinks nothing of him. The one place he feels at home is the river, but he's ThunderClan- Or is he?
  • Clan Kits: Winded Paths- Gorsekit feels like she's the clan outcast, all of her clan mates treating her like crow-food. But, when she meets a strange cat at the Gathering, is her hope revived?


Gah, I want to finish it, but can never get around to actually coming up with a plot. It sucks. Like, a lot.

  • Fallen Petals- About young kits in SunClan, and when one falls prey to a dangerous rouge, they all lose hope in who they really are.

Crack Fics!

Warrior Therapy- After looking at the crackfics around here, I think a therapist is just what these cats need. Anyone can write a chapter.

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