December 2nd

Ok. I just escaped from Narnia, after ruling over Wonderland. Off to Hogwarts, to save the entire Wizarding World-

Ah, if only that was my life. If only... Oh well. Hey, aren't all those places in England? I know Narnia and Hogwarts are, but not sure about Wonderland. Have to google it. Anyway, must give the new computer to Shiney. See you in a few seconds. [NOTE- Wonderland is British! I suppose the movie's accents should have given a hint...]

.. Few seconds, couple of hours, what's the difference? Anyway, almost dinner. Class was sooo easy today. At my school, we have 9 periods. We break them into two 4-double period days once a week. Those are Wednesday and Thursday. We have lunch on both days (no... the starve us :D). Anyway, the first day I have 2 periods of French, 2 of English, regular period of science, lunch, back to science, and social studies (ewww). On the second say I have Art, P.E./Team Time (like study hall... kind of), half a period of math, lunch, other half of math, and then reading. SOOO EASY SECOND DAY! Well, math was pretty hard today. We get stupid worksheets with pathetic puns and they always take FOREVER. Lucky I'm not in advanced math. I was last year *shudders* Now, I'm learning it all again, at a slower pace. Fail. But, when my Quad changes (Music, Art, Career Skills and Technology) I might get stuck with Careerskills next one. Or the last one. Mrs. Gottesman is EVIL. She makes write "applications" to colleges! We're ****ing 12 years old! She actually tells kids that they can't be what they want when their older! "You can't be a veterinarian when you're older! THS IS WHAT YOU'RE GONNA BE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!" "You can't be an archaeologist!" "You can't be an actress!" Supportive much? That %#@&*$*)@#&$#@)&*#&!)&*#!!!! (I said, um.... piece of foxdung.... yeah (: )

FIRST BLOCK DAY: (yesterday)

  • Period 1: French: Took a quiz. Kinda hard. Not hard but not easy, really. Anyway, then we learned about food. We all got hungry cuz the words were like, "Un pizza" and "Un sandwich" and "Un glace" (ice cream) Plus, we watched an old video where people in 80s clothes acted naturally, like French people. Fail. Anyway, they were at cafes, ordering sandwiches. We all starting getting hungry and reaching out to "grab" the delish food. They purposely made it so we would all feel hungry. It didn't help that the smell of tacos in the cafeteria was wafting into the room. :( BUT, the video was on the smartboard, and her screen aver is her puppy. Aw <3.
  • Period 2: English: Worked. A lot. Mr. Pappas is really cool and fun, but we get a ton of HW and he takes class serious. Never yells, unless being funny. He said his first year, about 8 years ago, towards the end of the year, some student was pissing him of, and he slammed his clipboard down on her desk to get her to start working. Didn't mean to smash it to pieces!! He almost got fired for that. He taped back the pieces so he looks at it and is reminded to never lose his temper in class. The weird part is he never found a corner of it. So it looks kinda creepy. But not as creepy as Mr. Filo. He's the music teacher. He eats students.
  • Period 3: Science: Learned about animal classification. The lights went out from a big storm- twice. First they flickered off. We celebrated until they came on a few seconds later. Then they went off for about 15 minutes. They were making an announcement for safety for when the bell rings and we're gonna be in the hall when the lights go back on. Haha, the lady didn't realize it! :)
  • Period 5: Lunch:
    • Recess: Madly scrambled to finish SS homework.
    • Lunch: The tacos smelled delicious. But i ate lunch from home. Bought 2 backs of chips from the vending machine. Only ate a half. My friends *coughMISTYcoughcough* like to steal my food. Not just beg, but sometimes grab. Not just Misty. Char too. And when they get some, everybody has to get some. And my sister wonders why I'm starving when I get home...
  • Period 4: Social Studies: Don't. Get. Me. Started! Mr. Wienecke is the weirdest teacher! Has us act like college students! Or at least students from like before my parents time. Eww. Anyway, presented stupid topic. Mine was the Salem Witch Trials. Char (in my class) said I was really nervous. Got a couple compliments on it from people, but from those nice people who say nice things to everyone.


  • Period 6: 'Art: Printed pics from our logos we made. Got to use carving knifes. Stabbed a student- Wait what?! No, I didn't do anything illegal officer! :D But it was a cool class. Mr. Wanderlingh actually likes our class. Weird.
  • Period 7: P.E./Team Time:
    • Gym: Cut short. As we were walking to gym, the fire alarm went off. In december. Lovely. As we all froze outside, the teachers all conveniently had coats. Interesting....
    • Team Time: Went to the library. Finished Math homework. Let Lexa copy my SS homework. Posted notes in the bathroom for Operation Beautiful.
  • Period 8: Math: Split in half for Lunch. Did one of those stupid math sheets where you do stupid questions and get the punchline to a lame joke. Weird...
  • Period 5: Lunch
    • Recess: Posted another note for Operation Beautiful. Hung out in the library. Better than going out to indoor recess. Bleh.
    • Lunch: Lunch smelled good. Didn't know what it was though. :) Traded Lexa's pringles for $ to buy a cookie. Fought off friends who wanted chips. (It's not their fault though. Their moms are health food people. Misty gets like ONE cookie a day. And I'm muching on oreos as we speak... type :) )
  • Period 9: Reading: Made Coat of Arms for characters. We didn't finish. Oh well. Who cares? Anyway, it's cool.

End of the day! YEAH!!! --LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 01:37, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

December 3rd

Today was a B-day. That means we have our schedules backwards, 9, 8, 7, etc.

Period 9: Reading: Had a vocab quiz I didn't study AT ALL for, not even like 5 minutes on the bus. Apparently got a 100%. Cool. :)

Period 8: Math: Had an ancient sub, Mr. Grant. He called Erin, Karen, and gave us one of those stupid math sheet with the ridiculous puns. They make it harder, not easier! *checks* Oh.. ranted about this yesterday. Oh who cares?

Period 7: Team Time: Had my friend Lexi "help" with my SS and science homework. Wellllllll.... copy, really, now we're even. She copied mine last week! Oh well, she's the pervert friend along with me. :)

Period 6: Art: Continued to carve. Apparently our class is getting a Holiday party because nobody accidentally stabbed their hand with a knife. Cool.

Period 5: Lunch:

  • Lunch: Hung out with friends. Continued to get robbed of chips. Normal
  • Recess: Colder than Hell, Michigan! Google it, it's real! Lexi let me copy the last answers of the science homework.

Period 4: Social Studies: Mr. Wienecke lectured us for like half the period on proper behavior to honor soldiers or something. We weren't even talking about soldiers!

Period 3: Science: More on classification. Cool, I guess.

Period 2: English: Handed in my poem about sports. My sport? Quidditch!!!!!! You cannot beat that! Plus, my team, Slytherpuff, won. You also can't beat a name as awesome as Slytherpuff. :)

Period 1: French: Watched presentations on french speaking countries. With the left over time, 2 boys started a dance class. We were planning for a French Class Idol, singing the songs our teacher gave us for memorization, but the bell rang. :(

--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 21:07, December 3, 2010 (UTC)

December 5th

This is gonna be quick, I have homework I should have done a while ago. *shrugs*

Went to a bowling party yesterday. For you AVPM fans, I saw Draco Malfoy! A little blond girl rolling around on the floor (she was upset cause she couldn't get a strike) wearing green and a long black coat that looks like robes! Cool, right?

On the score screen, I saw an advertisement for a funeral home.... In a place where there are a bunch of 7 year olds..... WHY?!?!

After the bowling time was up, we slid around on the waxed floor in our socks. Pretty sweet, right? Then we got goody bags with cute Snoopy mugs and CHOCOLATE! :D

Today, just chilled. Went to church because I need to for Confirmation requirements (I'm Catholic). If you don't know what that means, Google it, I guess...


--I'm ready for Christmas! 00:30, December 6, 2010 (UTC)

December 6th

Needs to be quick. (are you noticing a theme here? :D)

EWW MONDAY. Die! Anyway, school sucked. Supposed to be doing homework right now... actually, supposed to be asleep. But I procrastinate... A lot. :) I blame you guys and you site of awesomeness!

EWWW CCD!! I learn anything! There goes and hour and half of my time. I think I learned more from being in Catholic school from grades K-2nd. Yeah, we don't learn anything. :(

So, today was weird. And tiring. Nearly feel asleep in Social Studies. Haha. But I tried not to look stupid next to my crush, who sits next to me. I'm pretty sure he views me as a retard, like my friends. Just ask Misty! IT'S TRUE! (seriously, ask)

I'm in my sister's room, 'cuz her bed is WAY more comfortable than mine! Just in here, hanging out with my parakeet. He's more awesome than anybody. Scientifically proven :)

See ya soon! --I'm ready for Christmas! 03:21, December 7, 2010 (UTC)

December 8th


In Science, we dissected a frog! Now I know a lot of you older users are all like, "Hey it wasn't that bad" and stuff, but it was horrifying and humiliating!! I was partnered with my friend Alexa, and we were both pretty grossed out before we even opened it. I was way to wimpy to hardly look at it. So we were behind because I was afraid to touch it with my gloved hands. :(

Then, I started tearing up and gagging. It was disgusting, the smell. I had to leave the room, I was horrified. I was crying. Not out-of-control, but it was still really embarrassing. So.... This sucks. Now I'm humiliated.... and likely allergic to frogs, if that's possible.

After a couple of periods, I went to French. Started out ok, they went downhill FAST. I had study a bit for this test, more than I usually do (nothing) but only answered 6 out of 10 questions! I was also the last one to finish. That really sucks. Plus, in Science, Ms. M told us that we had to write a lab report on Friday with 15 "meaningful" observations. All I can say is that frog chemicals smell really, really bad. :(

December 11th

Weekenddddddd..... Desperately needed it. I slept 12 hours last night and I'm exhausted! I'm like insomniac or something and I can't fall asleep, which pisses me off. I basically only fall asleep while like doing my homework.... Interesting.

I got my haircut today, which is good, because I haven't gotten it cut since about June, by my talented cousin who did an awesome job. I have insanely thick hair, which annoys me a lot. She had thinned it out, so it was easier to manage. Now it's December, and it was way too long! But now it's REALLY REALLY short! On Monday, everyone will be like "Did you get a haircut?" No duh I did!

Now I was just kicked out of my basement because my older sister and her friends got too noisy and were sent down here. I have to move. *sad*

Later: 1 AM. Tired. Computer about to go dead- hey, did you know that in Florida it's illegal to shower naked?.... I've broken the law when I went to Disney World! Another reason I'm on the run from the police. Oh my jolly rancher!

Bye for now! *falls asleep* --I'm ready for Christmas! 06:08, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

December 12th

Ew, it's raining! We had to go to church and since the parking lot is so small, we had to RUn to get in church before getting soaked. :(

I hate that Sunday-feeling, when you're like, 'Crap, tomorrow is Monday, I need to finish my homework, sleep, etc.' Don't you? That's why Saturdays are the best.

I feel lie hanging out with my friend Emma. But I have to finnish my english homework, plus going out in the rain, plus my sister is hogging the phone.... :(

Hey, is it just me or is the Special Home page thing all crazy? Like, no popular pages, no blog posts... nothing. Kinda weird. Stupid Oasis look. Look, Wikia, just 'cause you cal it 'Oasis' doesn't make it good. Got it? --I'm ready for Christmas! 18:41, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

PS: Anyone know how to get it back to normal? Or anyone having the same problem? It's the same for me on other wikis.

December 18th

.... Late at night..... Tired... I haven't written one in awhile.

I haven't been as much on here lately, because I kinda have been short on time. Check out my newest (as of now... you're in the mystical future.... ooooh mystical future.... the colors...) Anyway, I need more space... time... 24 hours- AHH NOT ENOUGH TIME! *explodes*

Ok, homework, science project due tuesday, that blah. So, I need time for that ugly stuff, and SLEEP. Ahhh, the things I am deprived of.

Okkkkk..... it's now December 19th, past midnight. So... bye! (lots of '.......' in this post.... bye!) --I'm ready for Christmas! 05:13, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

December 19th


As you can probably tell from that rant up there I'm in a bad mood. First, today I was woken up early to go to church. yeah, so I only get Saturday to sleep in? i didn't even get to sleep in yesterday. ugh. anyway, then i went to my aunts house to bake cookies. yay! the giants game was on. they DISGUSTED me. really, how the heck did they lose?

then i went home, and my sister was using the good computer even though it was my day for it. for "homework" apparently. yeah, she lied- playing games and facebook much? and then when i finally got it after much fighting, i walked past the coffee table and hear her say, "look out!" and then the glass on the tabletop falls. and my dad comes running out, sees it (didnt break though) and grabs the laptop from my hands. yeah, it had fallen off due to my other sister and her friends putting their feet up on it. now im stuck in my room because everyone hates me, and im starving and in no way am i going out there, even if im shaking and my vision's beginning to get blurry. I DONT CARE!!!

Ok, now after you've read that annoyed, misspelled rant of mine, I'm getting offline. Bye! *falls asleep but not really* --I'm ready for Christmas! 22:16, December 19, 2010 (UTC)


Write comments! Leave your siggy. I'm ready for Christmas!

xP I really need to start my science project. I just spent most of yesterday starting and finishing my poetry portfolio, so....thx for reminding me about the science project! xD --Happy Holidays! 16:36, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

The poetry portfolio? Crap! I didn't do that yet either! *explodes* --{User:Leopardkit|Leopardkit]]

U forgot ur sig, I put it in for you. :) Yeah, I finished the poetry portfolio yesterday, and it took forever. Especially to make the stupid glog. I didn't know what to put in the glog, so I just put the poem, the meaning, and the techniques. *Shrugs* I hope he likes it. --Happy Holidays! 23:23, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

Oh, and what's operation beautiful? I went on the website but I still don't get it. --Happy Holidays! 23:27, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

HAHAHAHAAHA. I do what your sister does all the time. I have actually come up with a fake math project (with a rubric and everything). The only thing wrong is that it's due January 25th- the day second semester starts. LOLOL I win. FP13 December Cheers 23:44, December 19, 2010 (UTC)

You sound like you have a lot of homework! I only have to upload my photo onto the computer, film my cat and then send it to myself and remember some French words that I remembered ages ago. Oh, yeah, by the way, my family worked out that Hogwarts is actually in Scotland. And quite a lot of it was actually filmed there too! Some sets were filmed at Glen Coe, the Hogwarts lake was at Loch Shiel, Loch Eilt and Loch Morar. The bridge featured in the Chamber of Secrets was actually opposite Loch Shiel and I have passed it in a car many times! Anyway, bye!  Merry ChristmasAnd Happy Brithday to Me!! 10:12, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, in some interview thing with J.K. Rowling, she said that Hogwarts was actually in some part of scotland. Oh, and I've been to the place where they filmed the Great hall in the Harry Potter movies. And we do get a lot of hw! (Me and leppy go to the same school) As soon as I get home from school, I only have time to do my homework and go on here. :P --Happy Holidays! 16:33, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

O'course 'Ogwarts is in Scotland. LOL. Poor epictastic Leppy. Tell Shiney she needs to come on more often. Tell her if she doesn't, I will come and eat her with jam on top. Oh wait, Americans call jam jelly, don't they... meh, whatever. I will EAT her. School sucks, when are you on holidays? ASH!! She must return, or I will threaten you with rhinos! 02:10, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

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