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Hi, it's Lepoardkit here!
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About me

I knew about Warriors for a time before I read it (because of my lil' cousin), and then one day, I decided I wanted to read it. So I went to the library, but it was closed, and it wouldn't open again until when I was at sleep-away-camp. So, after the two weeks at camp, I got home and read Fire and Ice. ('cause SOMEBODY *COUGHShinestarmysisterlostitCOUGHCOUGH*) and was HOOKED! Now, I've read ALL of the books ('cept a couple magna a few new releases). I LUV to write stories on here. =) YAY!

Now, in a couple months, I will have been here a year. Whoa. That's... insane. Wow.You guys rock, though. <3


Okay, usually don't change them (I've been here for like, forever and have NO idea how to make them! LOL!)



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