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2889 Italy
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About ME

Okie Dokie, here we go I'm probably addicted to playing animal jam, and watching Glee, the Vampire Diares, and Adventure Time. I love TURTLES I am not really sure why they are just EPIC, I am deeply afraid of spoons, have been since I was born. I'm weird, GET OVER IT!)  I also love Anime, Soul Eater, Hetalia, Fruits Basket, and even more! I LOVE ANIME!      

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Dislikez: People who hate on  Broken phones, People that break tables.



Other than this, Watching Pediepie (cusses, alot, plays scary games, has hilarious reactions), Looking at cute kitten pictures (Treatment for being scared out of your mind by Pewdiepie), and trying to fix my phone, which is stuck on a load screen....thats it.


Since your reading this far, I assume you are one of my buds (Pretty much everybody I know), Stalkers, or just tring to figure out about me so that we can talk and agree and be buds. OH, ok back to topic. Um, Other than Pewdie screaming, Dont you worry child by Swedish House Mafia, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, and Smooth Crimanal by Michael Jackson.

Opinoins On All You

Apperently, EVERBODY has one of SIGN :P

Robo apologizes for being lazy, please link her page xD-FOOTIE BUDDY!! TURTLE ARMY BUDDY!! RESPECTER OF TAUB!!!! OMG u my friend, * creepy nervous laugh* are awesome. You arn't a fan of 1D, but you are a waffle lover, and you say ur my mum. Which makes you queen, which you highly deserve for being so epic. One thing tho, GET ON CHAT! :P

YOU KNOW YOU LOVE ME MOST! :D <3  -*pats head* When your putting up my emmense amount of Rp kittehs pages...yesh i do XD JK jk, You were my first buddie on the wiki, and your too awesome for words to explain. Even though your the leader of the terrible bunny army, You hate on my perfect turtles, and you like pancakes more than waffles, your entirely epic. NOT TO MENTION, (im mentioning it XD) you are one of the not-so-many lovers of One Direction!!!!!

Mmmm... I want milk and cookies XD- YO CANT HAVE MY MILK! *hides huge milk carton* Lol...ok Strikeh...YOU ARE AWESOME SAUCE! Seriously, You are a MASTER at rping, and you be funny, and I flippin LURVE ur name.:P I must say, the whole EclispeXNightXTurtle thing is getting Cray-cray. But hey, thats my opinion. ANYWAY, like I said, PURE AWESOME SAUCE. XD

Ya know if you literally put oil in a glass and then milk, the milk will actually FLOAT on top! -Hmmm, I just randomly choose the name FloatingMilk, But thats so cool! Alrighty, so this chick is toatz epic, like TO MANY AWESOME WORDS TO EXPLAIN xD, Plus even though shes new, shes like a SUPER awesome writer. I LOVES Anakin. Stay Epic my friend, STAY EPIC

I'm sorry, we are currently out of the item you selected. Please select another item or GET OUT OF MY STORE!!! XD- TANGLE THE MAGICAL CAKE MAKER!!! I bow to you, oh cake maker XD. So Tangle is SUPER epic, and hes one of the not-so-many guys here in the land of Warriors Fanfiction, Which is AWESOME! He super nice too, even though he tried to take over the Randommness kingdom with the silly Epicness Kingdom. lol, That was AWESOME xD....I think ive died of laughter to many times at this point.....*dies*

Me? Me? PLEASE?- Hallo Hello! :P I LURRVVVSS UR NAME! I've tried going all assaisin and trying to steal it a couple times xD. ANYWAY, I don't know you too well, but you edit lots of pages...doesn't that make you a wikifairy or somthing? So For Now, GOODBYE MAGICAIL FAIRY *waves*

The Rush Feather- FEATHER-BOO NIGHTPAW *wink* AWESOME FAIRY PRINCESS THAT WILL MAKE FEATHERSWIRL LOVE TROUBLESTORM (do it....THEY BELONG!) Now back to the topic on hand, You helped me make Forestclan Wiki, Which WAS SUPER DUPER nice of you, mostly because Im a extreme spazz and can't do anything myself. Your just too smart and epic for the eyes to behold...I DON"T DESERVE YOU AS A FRIEND! *dies in sadness corner* BUT I WUV U! *0*

Ermahgerd! Opinion meeeeee!!!! :D- DARKEH! sawwy it took me so long. whenever I have to type (Im the queen of Im just like URRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. ANYWAY, to your opinionating. (me and my words xD) Your always on chat, which is super AWESOME, and your always nice, and PANCAKES.  Plus you a poet, tho u may not know it. NOT TO MENTION, (im mentioning it!!!) we eat toilet pancakes together. HERM HERM HERM

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