My Signatures

Past Signatures

Creativity is intelligence having fun

This is a quote from Albert Einstein that I thought was cool. This was also my first signature, created by Sea , one of my BFFS on this wiki. 

I am titanium ...

This is a quote from the song 'Titanium', it is also my first siggy created and horribly gradientized by moi.

What on earth did you do to pleaseTigerclaw- fly?

This is a quote from 'Into the Wild'. I thought it was funny, so I used it. :) I also did the gradients, soooooo yeah.

fire & ice

This is an advertisement sig for my show, Fire and Ice. It was gradientized by the awesome Sea.

Don't pretend the past never happened. 

It's like my shadow. 

Always following me.

This is a quote from Hollyleaf (I forget which book), and I thought it was really meaningful, so I used it. I added some cool coding things, and used a website to gradientize it (which worked way better), and now it is pretty darn good. :)

Current Sig

be my friend, surround me like satellite

So, this is a quote from a song called East of Eden by Zella Day, which is the best my favorite song ever.

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