Opinion Rules


Sign with a link to your user or talk page under the Opinions heading.


Waffle person: Hey! I think that you seem really nice, and I love your fanfics! You are: A waffle(what else? :)

Opinions i think i sign down here?- Hi Firey! Firey is a really nice admin who has amazing fanfictions and writes really good comments. I'd really like to know her a lot better because she seems pretty awesome. You are: A unicorn(Don't worry, Rainy, if you are reading this, I'll categorize you as a unicorn too :)

hallo - Hey Mist! Mist is an amazing user with awesome signatures, coding skills, and fanfics! She is great to make friends with and has great taste in music too. You are: A Moonfeather(LOL, remember?)

"One day he will see her, Wonder why he didn't keep her" <3 - OOh, I love that quote! Anyway. Hi Sea! Sea is one of my closest friends and first friend on the wiki. She's inspired me so many ways and is really funny and nice. Ilysm Sea <3 You are: A sea breeze. (what else? LOL)

peritreedorito says hello from the alternate universe- Well hello Storm! Storm is an epic person who is obsessed with Steven Universe, which I think is cool. I really love her fanfics and her show, For the Birds. :) You are: A peritreedorito. (obviously)

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