Favorite Warrior cat: Brightheart/Stormfur/Ravenpaw

Favorite book: The Last Hope/Sunrise/Ravenpaw's Farewell(So sad, I literally cried for like 5 minutes at the ending D:)

Favorite cat couple: Crookedstar and Willowbreeze/Lionblaze and Cinderheart

Favorite fur color: Cream(So prettttyyyyyyyy)

Favorite music artist: Taylor Swift/Katy Perry/Sara Bareilles/Owl City(Take to the Sky is BAE <3)/Zella Day(If any of you have heard her please tell me!)

Least Favorites

Least favorite Warrior Cat: Breezepelt/Mapleshade/Millie

Least favorite book: Outcast

Least favorite cat couple: Berrynose and Poppyfrost (I hated that, Berrynose was just like: Dang it, my mate died, better marry her sister because they're almost the same cat!)/Leafpool and Crowfeather(That was horrible, it was almost like the Erins just wanted drama so they chose Crowfeather to make it happen, but seriously, come on, pick any other cat, but please not him.)

Least favorite fur color: Gray(Too bland and too often used.)

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