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Stand-Alone Fanfics

Fawnkit's Destiny - What if your destiny was all planned out when you were a kit? A small kit finds out her destiny and walks on the small path to saving her Clan.

This might sound like a Mary-Sue, but it's not.

[Status: Unfinished]

Black Pelt, White Lie- A fanfic about two cats in PeakClan who are mates, but one has a dark secret that is hidden and must be protected.

[Status: Finished]


The Last Generation- A series about four cats, one from each Clan, who must fulfill the last prophecy StarClan will ever send to prevent the Clans from splitting apart.

[Status: Unfinished]


Trick and Treat- A collab with Sea about two rogues with special powers who befriend a kittypet, only leading him into a trap. The kittypet must enlist the Clans to help him defeat the rogues once and for all.

[Status: Unfinished]


Fire and Ice- A show about two Clans who must select twelve cats to go on a special quest every twelve moons.

[Status: Unfinished]


Amnesia- A songfic about a she-cat who has forgotten everything about her life due to amnesia.

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