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Hi! Welcome to my page! I am Jayfeather forever. I am a great fan of Warriors, and a great fan of the Jayfeather (obviously). I have been a Wikia contributor for about a year, and have finally become a member of Wikia at December 31st, 2010. If you want to know a thing or two about me, you can read below.

May Starclan light your path!


At below there is some little information about me:

Warrior Cat Name: Spottedears

Age: 17

Eye Color: pale gray blue (or pale blue with a touch of gray)

Hair color: brown

Height: average

Birthday: December 4th

Nicknames: Catnip (by my brother (think of cats being obssessed with catnip, now imagine me being obssessed with cats XD), currently used by some of my friends and my boyfriend)

Personality: I'm usually very nice, and very cheerful. I get angry rarely, but when I do, no one wants to mess up with me. I am not fond of swearing and big fights. Also, I don't usually say random things.

Hobbies: drawing (not on computer though), (might sound ridiculous) math and science, playing with my cats, Dapple and Summer, reading books (especially Warriors), playing guitar, internet surfing, and listening to music

Favorite Book Series:

Warriors - I have been reading them since when I was twelve-years-old. Although, I was kind of late to be a member of Wikia. I'm still reading them, since there is still books coming out. My brother thinks they are for kids, but who cares!

Dragonriders of Pern - adult fiction books. They are totally great! I love reading them. My brother doesn't read them, but then he doesn't usually read books at all!

Favorite Character from Warriors: Jayfeather, obviously! I just love him! Jayfeather rules!


You can contact me on my Talk Page.

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