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Hi, I'm Icecloud! I'm new here, and figuring things out, but I'd love to talk to anyone! Spottedhead is my BFF so she's helping out with some things around here!

My Works

1. Dark Betrayal



Kinda empty right now...


IcecloudHappy Thanksgiving!Dark Betrayal

My Opinions

My Favorite Warriors Characters

1. Leafpool - I really need to stop having favorite characters. You were much better in the old forest!

2. Spottedleaf - You were so sweet and kind to everyone... Then you had to go and get murdered! Ugh!

3. Squirrelpaw - Not SquirrelFLIGHT, SquirrelPAW. I liked her as the cute and bouncy apprentice.

4. Jayfeather - Thinks he's better than everyone else... With good reason. ;-)

5. Willowshine - Yes, the medicine cats are best. :D

6. Icecloud - A very crazy and loyal cat.. So awesome!

For the record, I had the name first. ^^

My Favorite Books

Not in any particular order, they're all great!
- The Hunger Games (from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins)

-The City of Ember (by Jeanne DuPrau)

-The Hobbit (by J.R.R. Tolkien)

-ALL of the Harry Potter books!

My Favorite Warriors Books

1) Dawn - I love this book, because so much happens in such a short span of time! It was so awesome!

2) Into the Wild - Who doesn't love this one?

3) Sunset - I loved the whole thing! Yes! Down with Hawkfrost!

4) The Darkest Hour - Everything was so dramatic, and the battle at the end was amazing!

5) The Fourth Apprentice - It was a great switch from the Power of Three series- those weren't so great.

6) Fading Echoes - I loved this one!!!! Everything about it was awesome!


November 11- I joined Warriors Fanfic! Yeah!

November 11- Read my story so far: Dark Betrayal. If you want to name a character, let me know!

November 13- Finished the prologue in Dark Betrayal, working on chapter one.


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Hey Icey! So glad you joined! If you need any help, just lemme know! XOXO ♪ Spottedhead ♫ 19:23, November 11, 2010 (UTC)

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