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Welcome to the Dark Void Where Bugs Bunny Lives!

Hello, {{{1}}}! I am I Am Awesome999999, but you can just call me Awesome. I spend most of my free time every day either reading, writing, or playing video games. I'm on almost every day and I like writing spoofs. Enjoy your visit to my admittedly not professional user page.

My Favorite Quotes

"I'm Batman" - Batman

"One step for a cat, one ooF for mankind" - HUDAman00

About the Dark Bunny Dimension

The dark bunny dimension is a place inhabited by an army of dark bunnies, kept in line by a large squadron of Bugs Bunnies. You can add to the dark bunny's ranks by inserting bunny into your siggy. They are known for having good cookies.

Join the Dark Bunnies! Post on my talk page the rank you would like to be!

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I Am Awesome999999

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My OC's

Firestorm - Ginger tom that likes battles

Bananaface - A tom that rants at everything, tends to take things very literally, and has a goal to take over the whole wiki. Help him in his quest by inserting him into your spoofs. You don't need permission. Bananaface gives permission for me.

Bananaface has taken over 3 spoofs and counting:

100 Random Spoofs by me

Pokémon Battle Cats Edition by me and Ferret


(I guess technically this is a section that is like 'add Bananaface to your fanfiction to get it advertised on this page'). :D

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This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your siggy to help him gain world domination. Join the Dark Side. We have cookies.