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~All About Hope! That is ME!~

Hey {{{1}}} , my name is Hopefur09. Hope you like my work! As I am new to this my profile is pretty BORING but hopefully, it will get better. Random fact I love cats to bits and I have four. I am a huge fan of Warriors (obviously), Harry Potter and Wings of Fire. I am also a big fan of Marvel and Star Wars!

You can call me Hope or Hopeheart or Hopeful if you want. With my fanfictions, I would love all the constructive feedback I can get, but I would like a few positive words now and then.

I LOVE writing and reading. It is how I spend my free time.

Goose the cat from Captain Marvel is my life! I love him so much that I named one of my cats after him!


We all have rights!

No matter what we look like,

Who we love


Who we want to be!


My Sigs



One of my covers. This is actually two different cats!

I am more than willing to do a cover for your fanfiction/story. If you would like one please leave a message on my talk page of what you would want it to look like and what your fanfiction is called.

My Fan Fics So Far

Darkness Will Shine Light- by ME!

Moonwake- another by ME!

Whispers at Dusk this is a fanfic dedicated to Yellow by ME!

Forbidden Fate a collab by Yellow and I.

How The Wind Stirs The River a collab by Night and I

Rise of the Three a collab by Moon and I.

Dark as a Feather the second book in the series with Rise of the Three

Torn Fate- a collab by Star and I

Infinite Night a collab by Yellow and I

A Destiny's Beginning a collab by Rain and I

YellowfangWC, Silvermoonlynx and I are working on a series called What If... these are the ones we are working on.

Ravenpaw's Silence by ME!

Brokentail's Vow by Yellow.

Bleeding Hope by Moon


The Prophecies Begin Chatroom a collab spoof by Yellow and I

The Best Warrior Cat Ships









My Favourite Book Series or Books

I love books so much! I have many favourite series.

Warriors- That is kind of obvious. I mean I am on a Warriors Wiki. I love Warriors so much!

The Wildings- This is a series by Nilanjana S. Roy. It sort of reminds me of Warriors. It is about wild cats who live in Delhi's old Nizamuddin quarter. It is really good.

Wings of Fire- Wings of Fire is such a great series! My favourite character is Sunny! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

A Good Girl's Guide To Murder- Some of you will be thinking Hope is a MURDERER! *Dramatic Music Plays* but I am definitely not! This is an awesome book! It is about a girl called Pip who is trying to solve a mystery even though the case closed five years ago. She doesn't think that the murderer did it. She wants to prove him innocent.

Harry Potter- Harry Potter is AMAZING! I am a proud Slytherin!

Warrior Cat Quotes

"You cannot live with a paw in each world." ~Bluestar

"You've got a tongue, haven't you? Lick, you useless lump of fur. Do you want the kit to die?"~Cinderpelt

"Destiny isn't a path that any cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice and sometimes the heart speaks loudest." ~Leafpool

Silverstream: "You idiot! What are you doing in my territory?"

Graystripe: "Drowning?"

"Fire alone can save our clan."~ Spottedleaf

"Then, perhaps, StarClan will forgive me at last" ~ Yellowfang

“Keep your eyes open, Fireheart. Keep your ears pricked. Keep looking behind you. Because one day I'll find you, and then you'll be crowfood.” ~Tigerclaw

”So you're the only warrior left! This will be easier than I thought!” ~Brokenstar

This ginger cat looks like one of my cats called Goose

My OC's

Lionpaw- He is in Darkness Will Shine Light. Lionkits pelt is ginger and he has green eyes. He is a quirky cat and a bit uncoordinated. He is a very strong cat with a very strong bond with StarClan. He was born a warrior like his father and has a heart of gold like his mother.

Flowerheart- She is also in Darkness Will Shine Light. She is a tortishell she-cat and a mother of three. Her kits are Lionkit, Ivykit and Amberkit. As a kit she wanted to be a medicine cat. She decided not to be so she could have kits. Her connection with StarClan is unbreakable. She will stand up for what is right even if her leader thinks it is wrong.

Moon- Moon is a friendly loner in my fanfic Moonwake. She is a fluffy black tabby with a big heart. She and her friend Sun both live near ThunderClan. They stroll wherever they please. Moon believes that the moon chose her. She believes the night sky is powerful and it will guide her through tough times.

Hopefur- Hopefur is a tortishell medicine cat. She is in the collab YellowfangWC called Forbidden Fate. Hopefur is the only cat from her family that lives in Riverclan. Her sister and father live in ThunderClan. Hopefur is a very kind and smart she-cat. Just because she is a medicine cat doesn't mean she is a softie. Hopefur can fight! Hopefur follows the warrior code most of the time.

Moonpelt- Moonpelt is a black cat with bright blue eyes. She is in How The Wind Stirs The River a collab by Night and I. Moonpelt is a RiverClan cat who lost her mother in a battle when Moonpelt was only a moon old. Moonpelt's father is very protective of both her and her sister, Suntail. Moonpelt is very kind-hearted and loyal to her Clan.

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