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Hi, {{{1}}}! This is a list of all my siggies. They get better the farther down you go. Trust me.

current sig

you gave me a forever within the numbered days

- the quote is from "the fault in our stars" by john green. I'm really happy with how this one turned out c:

past sigs

I'm Roaring Like Fire - made by BladeOfHope!

Thunder and Lightning - first siggy I coded...not too great xD

Every Picture tells a story - I really just made this sig because I was bored that day. I never liked it that much and I didn't use it for long

Be carefulwhat you wish for - the first siggy I made that I actually liked! Even now I still really like it tbh

Cause you know you gotta be careful what you wish for

- what even happened here. what is this. ok it's not that bad but imo it's just so in your face. this one was kinda just expanding the previous sig, and I quickly switched out of this one

Courage is resistance to  fear. - I used this one for quite a while. Looking back I'm not too fond of it but eh I don't hate it

"I accidentally did it on purpose." - Hollywhisker - I love this quote a lot xD I found it one day and I was like "I have to make a sig out of this" so here it is. The coding's not the best but I guess the quote makes up for it

"He talked about the o c e a n between people. And how the whole point of e v e r y t h i n g is to find a shore worth s w i m m i n g to." - made by Stork for secret santa in 2017! I still really like this one, I think it looks very pretty c:

Yesterday is not ours to recover,

But tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

- quote is from Lyndon B Johnson. Again I thought this one was a bit in your face, but I ended up using this for a while anyway.

You're so down to earth, and I'm up in the stars,

so show me the sea, and I'll take you to mars.  

- quote is from...I don't actually know where it's from because it's been posted in so many different places I don't know which one's the original. I really like this sig and I'm very happy with it, and I probably used this one for the longest time out of all the other previous ones

for others

No matter how many times we fought, love will always conquer hatred

for Sandy

The world will be saved and remade by dreamers.

also for Sandy

Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you will still be amongst the stars.

for Lemony

Shadow: Where Everything Is A Tuxedo Cat

for Shadow on Warrior Cats Answers

If we would just  s    l   o   w     d   o   w  n, happiness  would  catch up to us.

for Bracken

You can do things, or you can do them right. All it takes is a little patience.

For Storm

You may die, but you're always in my heart.

for Silver

You can talk with the stars, and I can ride lightning. So let me take you to infinity, and help me ride my dream to the clouds.

for Firestorm

how can the sky be the limit when there are footprints on the moon?

for Choco

beware of the incoming storm!

for Lightningblaze

the darkest nights produce the brightest stars

for Nightmare

don't forget beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies too

for Featherwing

"will you fight beside me?" "...always"

for Fire

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