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Hi there! This is my reading list. If you want to recommend a fanfic on this wiki to me, just leave it down below by giving the title along with the link to it, and your username! I'll let you know I've read your requests by putting a checkmark next to it here. If your fanfic is unfinished, I'll still read it, and I'll do my best to continue reading it until it's finished. I'll try to get to it as soon as I can and also comment on each one!

requests here c:

EXAMPLE: Title - Hollywhisker

Nebula by Stork

King, followed by its three sequels by Stork

Paintfire's Faith by Paint please! ✔

Moonstar's Echo by Tex - hope you like it! :by ✔

Killers: Wild as Ice by Tex- hope you like it!

Buddyheart's Promise by Tex- hope ya like it!

Crackfic Shorts by Tex- one of my best stuff! ✔

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