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heya, {{{1}}}!

welcome to my user page! I'm hollywhisker, but you can just call me holly. I'm definitely a lot less active than I used to be on here, however I still come on from time to time to work on my fanfics. My hobbies are mainly art, music, and writing. I take siggie requests also~!

~-~ ~☆~☆~ ~-~

Below are characters that have appeared in my own/other people's fanfictions that represent me. 1- Hollywhisker - a black she-cat with greenish blue eyes and a hurt right back leg. She has a small rivalship with the leader and a bit cold, but friendly if you're, well, friends. Appears in TOTC and TOTC 2. 2 - Hollyblaze - She-cat as black as night with dark brown eyes with lighter colored paws. She has one torn ear with a scar on her pelt. She is outgoing and talkative. Friendly half of the time, but the other half she is short-tempered. She is clever and brave, with a positive attitude. Appears in Threats of the Future. 3 - Hollyfall - She-cat with pelt and head very black with green eyes and scar on her pelt, reddish white tail tip and paws. She is not a fast runner and happen to get hurt a lot; cold and arrogant on the outside, but if you're her friend, she would be the funniest and kindest cat you'd ever met. Appears in Wisdom. 4 - Hollyshade - Pitch black she-cat with bright blue eyes and dark gray tail tip and paws. She also has a broken back right leg, so she is quite slow. Shy to most, but very talkative to the cats who are close to her. Can also be pretty arrogant if you get on her bad side. Appears in Dreams.

favorite cat: cinderpelt/hollyleaf least favorite cat: ashfur favorite clan: skyclan least favorite clan: riverclan favorite villain: scourge favorite book: the last hope tba

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