aka Holly, or really anything you'd like

  • I live in a house
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is writing The Mountain's Haze because I need to move my characters too.
  • I am too excited about moving. WARNING: If you come in contact with me, I will babble on about it.

My Stories

~My Ideas~

~My Opinions~

My Bio

Hello, I see you have stumbled across my profile! Whether that be because of my signature, stalking someone's wall, or just simply browsing through the wiki, you somehow managed to find me! But, since you're here, you may as well get to know me, right? Here we go!

My Favorites

Favorite Color // Blue. And if I had to chose any shade, a dark shade of blue.

Favorite Food // I can't pick an exact favorite food, but my favorite style of food (is that what you'd call it?) is definitely Italian.

Favorite Book // Warriors, Survivors, and Wings of Fire! I think Warriors is the main reason we're all here, right?

Favorite Show // Infinity Train certainly takes the cake here! I had a whole phase of being obsessed with this show, and probably went through the four stages of grief when I thought my favorite character died.

Favorite Song // It changes. But, as of the date I'm writing this (4/16/20), it would have to be Buttercup by Jack Stauber.


A lot of people would definitely consider some of my hobbies weird, so don't make fun of me-

My hobbies consist of reading, writing, collecting crystals, drawing (even though I'm horrid at it), and being antisocial. That's why quarantine is like heaven to me. I am also in the process of learning French via Duolingo, so let's hope Duo doesn't come for my family...

Want to Talk To Me?

Feel free to! Since I'm a fairly old user, and I haven't come on here in a while, I don't know very many people. However, I'd love to be friends with anybody here. Just shoot me a message on my wall or pop in the chat, if I'm online, I'll probably join in. My timezone is CST (but may soon be EST depending on how life goes), so please keep that in mind. I hope to see you around! <3

Fun Facts About Me

1. In my class, I have maintained the status of top reader/writer since 3rd grade and going strong!

2. The Mountain's Haze is actually set in a real life place.

3. I've played two sports in my life. Soccer (I wasn't very good at it), and basketball (I am moderately good at it).

4. I don't like to curse. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't mind if others do it, but I just tend to refrain from doing it. I actually don't even come from a household that didn't allow me to cuss, I just don't like doing it. Back in the day, I used to say that I wasn't allowed to hide my cowardice xD.

5. I can read at an adult level, according to school tests.

6. I have aspergers (a form of autism), OCD, and anxiety.

7. Because of my aforementioned disabilities, I attend a small private school for children with special needs. That's where I met my best friend ever!

8. After I move, which is predicted to be this summer, I will most likely be homeschooling, because I concentrate better and am thriving in online school.

9. My three main OCs (I guess you could call them sonas) are Cedarvalley, Wren, and Berrysnap.

10. I don't wear dresses, skirts, high heels, pink, crop tops, tank tops, or anything remotely revealing or girly. I love my baggy clothes!! <3

11. I come from a family with a single mother and a brother. Dads? What are those?

12. I've never had a crush before.

13. When my family moves, we are planning to have a farm with pigs, horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, chickens, and a bunny! Our house will be a zoo :D

14. I'm 5'8 and hoping to grow taller!

My Current Stories

The Mountain's Haze - This is definitely the story I'm most passionate about. It's just really fun to work on, and I don't get bored with the plot when I'm writing it. So, if you like this story, expect it to get updated a lot! :D

Frostbites - This is based off the Mosskit AU where she becomes Froststar! There's a MAP about it called Good in Me Mosskit AU MAP, you should check it out, that's where I got the idea.

A Message of Blood - This is a collab between Lynx and I. This is an AU about Dovewing, Ivypool, and Tigerheartstar. And there's some death involved so >:)

Fire River - This is part of a series, and I hope to work on this fanfic as well. Currently, I'm more passionate about The Mountain's Haze, but perhaps I'll come back to this one.

Redeem - Oh my gosh I haven't worked on this one in a while. I kind of forgot about it, to be honest. I'll probably start working on it again someday.

Storms from The River - This story is on hold. I completely forgot about it until now, quite honestly, as I got bored with the plot.



- Warrior Cats

- Survivor Dogs

- Wings of Fire

- Rainy days

- Hiking in the mountains

- The mountains themselves

- Log cabins

- Sitting by the fireplace

- Dogs

- Cats

- Reptiles

- Butterflies/dragonflies/moths

- Frogs

- Swimming

- My best friend <3

- Memes

- Writing

- Drawing

- Collecting crystals

- Crystals

- Photography

- Making videos

- Reading

- Quarantine

- Online school

- YouTube

- My dark room xD

- Cloud cover

- Blue

- Green

- Gray

- Being outside in nature

- Fall

- Winter

- Baggy clothing


- sUNNY DAYS- (kinda bad when you live in Florida)

- The beach

- Sand

- Cockroaches

- Swimsuits

- Dolls

- When people yell at me

- Cheesy things

- Romance (I don't mind reading/writing about it, but in real life?? wHYY)

- Pink

- Summer

- Slow, cheesy songs

- Shopkins

- Tight clothes

- People who judge me for what I enjoy (like c'mon man, don't you have better things to do with your life? ;-;)

- When coding messes up, which is why tHIS HAD TO GET ITS OWN SECTION-

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