Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Hi there! My names Holly, and this wiki is amazing!



Light of the Heart- A contest entry about Blazeclaw and Birdwing.


DarkClan- One of my series, its about the hardships of living in DarkClan.

In The Darkness- Another series.

In The Paws Of Fate- ... Yeah.

Captured By The Lonely- Another contest entry.

It's Time- Just another story.

Nothing Left To Lose - The sequel to 'Light of the Heart' featuring Birdwing and Blazeclaw's kits.

Falling Through The Stars - Lilykit and Rainkit are members of a peculiar tribe on the brink of disaster.


Viva La Vida- Ivystar leads her clan into battle...

Peppermint Winter (Songfic!)- A cute little thing~

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Fanfic Ideas:

E C H O: A story that will be about a loner, Echo. She has always been alone, and often talks to herself, and her echoes. When a clan that lives nearby is accepting rogues, loners, and even kittypets into the clan to prepare for an upcoming shadow of evil, will she join them, or will she simply turn back to her old life, regretting her choices, alone?

S H A D O W S: The sequel to E C H O (If I ever write it) Echo is back to being a loner that the clans respect. Trouble is brewing once more though, and she finds herself trapped in a spiral of overwhelming events once more. Will she side with another team now, one who understands her, or will she stay with her old allies?

Stars in Our Pelts: A story about a StarClan cat who has been assigned to guide a cat through its life. The cat is destined to be great during its life, for good or bad is unsure to all. Will the StarClan cat become corrupt with it's assigned cat, who the cat of stars must protect with their very own last life?

Farfetched: Leafkit was always a runt in her litter, and was never respected at all. While her littermates are praised, she is scolded. And for what? Nothing. They always called her farfetched, called her a dreamer. She learns that a great cat may be a terrible fighter, but a good thinker...