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  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on February 22
  • My occupation is University Student
Hiya! It's Sunneh =)
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With high school starting and all the homework and the family trips and friends hangouts, I won't be able to be on as much as I used to. This doesn't mean that I won't be able to support the wiki and help those in need.
If you need any help, don't hesitate in asking for it :)
I'll still edit a few of my stories, but I'm afraid that my speed will be slower. I'll try as hard as I can to read others' fanfics and comment on them.
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With the growing up comes the big struggles of being an apprentice....


My Talk Bubble :)

♪stones heavy like the love you've shown ♫

♪solid as the ground we've known ♫

♪and i just wanna carry on ♫

♪we took it from the bottom up ♫

♪and even in a desert storm ♫

♪sturdy as a rock we hold ♫

♪wishing every moment froze ♫

♪now i just wanna let you know ♫

♪earthquakes can't shake us ♫

♪cyclones can't break us ♫

♪hurricanes can't take away our love ♫


☮ Welcome ♦

Hey there! Welcome to my user page :D
I'm Hiddensun, but you can call me Sunny or Sunneh or Hidden or Hiddensun.
However you like it, but the most commen here is Sunny and Sunneh.

☻ How I got started ☺

I discovered warriors about three years ago. I was once in a book store and saw a book called Starlight. I didn't know what it was about back then but I just liked the cover (since I love animals). So I started to read the strange book. The moment I started reading it I couldn't stop.
Since the book was still confusing, I started reading from the very first book - Into the Wild. That's when I became a Warriors fan. I think I've read almost all the books at least twice xD!! And I just love this Wikia so much, and there are so many great users that I'm so happy to call my friends and buddies!
If I were a to be a Warriors cat, I would be Hiddensun.

♪ Role Play ♫

I started role-playing about two years ago, though I've slowly stopped. My very first rp site was Waterfallclan, always called WTFC, created by a wiki memeber called Peacedong. This rp site really gave me the advantages of making good friends among the wikia and be more open and outgoing to it.
As time went on, new sites by some buddies of mine have bene made and I've always been eager to take part of them. I think rp is always a good thing for users here to get to know each other and get along. Also, it brings great inspiration to write your fanfics liek it did to me.
I got new ideas for my stories which you might find if you have once role played with me in some websites.
My New Piczo RP Site: EclipseClans :)
Click here
With an RP FanFic:
Solar and Lunar

☆ Fanfictions ★

Since the moment I first read my first warrior book I wanted to read more and make my own characters and stories. I had been writing ideas on papers (which aren't in my stories yet) and on my user page on Warriors Wikia for quite a while when I didn't know about this site.
I heard there was a Fanfiction about Warriors from a friend so I decided to join it and give it a try. At first I was kinda shy around here and made my very first fanfic about my main charries called Dark Sun. Since then I love this place and I always have more ideas on stories to write.
I chose the warrior name Hiddensun, since I have black hair - black fur - and my friends say I have a great personality as bright as the sun though I can sometimes be shy and also I have green eyes that came also be a little brownish amberish so like Hiddensun's sun-like eyes :)
My first story about Hiddensun is when she's born a rogue and the adventures that will follow her along her path. I'm done the first 5 stories; Dark Sun, Hard Times, Changing Hearts, Left To Stay and Secret To Keep. Then I have my kinda scary - or maybe lots - Taken Over. I also have these heart warming stories called I ♥ You Diaries.

☼ About Sunny ☼

Pets: Chloe - cute siamese she-cay. Rex - chocolate brown male lab.
Favourite Colours: Indigo -mostly any kind of purple- Aquamarine -mosty any kind of bluish green-
Favourite Animals: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Tigers, and Killer whales.
Interesting fact about me: I have a twin brother, Alex - really annoying - and a lil sis - the always innocent xD - Robyn
Favourite Sports: Soccer♥, Hockey, Volleyball and Swimming.

ღ Hiddensun ♥

Hiddesun is a she-cat with glossy black pelt, slender graceful shape, and eyes like the sun with a little bit of lime green on the very inside. (picture above)
She has high spirites, is cheerful and energetic. She sometimes got the "crazies" where she gets unbearably hyper, leaping onto anyone she sees, especially her mother. She cures this by tiring herself out in chasing her tail. Nevertheless, she is very friendly, always trying to act nicely around her friends like Chloe. She is full of charisma and could run for miles without getting tired.
She is shown to be very shy around crushes liek with Kestrelkit and hates herself for liking others, in fear of having her heart broken again when the cat she's getting close to ends up dissapearing or just leaving her. Even though she's seen lots of violence throughout her life, she would never dream of killing a cat no matter what they had done and would forgive them. She can sometimes pay little harmless tricks for revenge and to prove a point, but never to hurt.
She is an excellent runner and is swift, stealthy, attractive to toms, and deadly -just like her unknown father. She is bright and is better than most at stalking. She is good at jumping from a rock to another rock, which makes her good at climbing.
She loves to swim. She could swimm for so long without tiring herself out, which makes her great at fishing. She has shown a high interest in teh ocean as well, saying that it's very beautiful, strong and peaceful.
She becomes mysterious as an apprentice when her dreams of furture visions come back to her and she doesn't want anyone to know about it, making her feel sometimes left out. She sometimes thinks out loud and when gets extremely nervous - she thinks way too much! She is sometimes very mysterious. She treats every Clan cat as if they were family and loves them all very much. She is loyal and brave and would fight to the death for her Clan, she looks nice and sweet but she can be very fierce in battle, getting that characteristic from her mother, Bubbles.



Hiddensun22 Cherrysplash99 Sunny Sunneh.ES

Awesomest pic of Sunny and Cherry ever!!! Thanks soo much Hawkey, Tawny and Evening!!!


Here's Sunspirit and me becoming friends:) Thanks Spirit!! 250 px


Video:Charice - Pyramid




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