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  • I live in Neverland
  • My occupation is virtual farm owner
  • I am an airplane
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About Me

I'm a girl in her early twenties and I'm a huge geek/nerd/whatever you want to call it. I love a lot of movies, books, television shows, video games...really anything that can serve as a form of storytelling or art is gold in my book. I like lots of genres, too - fantasy, sci-fi, drama, action, humor, mystery, historical, etc.

I first joined this site back when I was in my pre-teens and this site was really what introduced me to fanfiction and fandoms in general, so even though I'm not as into Warriors as I was back then, the Warriors series and this site will always hold a special place in my heart.

While I am actually pretty shy in real life and have a lot of social anxiety, when I first joined this site I was pretty vocal - I have a bit of a crazy side and I feel like maybe I used this site as an outlet for that. However, I feel like I went over the top sometimes and went into obnoxious and irritating territory at times, so I apologize if you come across something I posted back then that you find annoying- I'd probably find it annoying too, nowadays.

My sister and best friend is Aquamarine1212. She's a bit crazy like me and very good at writing and drawing, although she does suffer from a constant desire to rewrite/redraw things...although I kinda do the same thing, although I do it *more* with restarting video game files. Gaaaah...

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