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Sign here if you want me to write my opinion of you! But I have to say, you are all awesome, and if I don't write much, that means I don't know you very well yet. You are still awesome! I love this wiki because of how crazy random you guys are. Keep it up!
[[User:Riverpelt|River]]- One of my best friends on wikia, River is a good friend, amazing artist and great story writer. She's the one who introduced me to this wiki. Yay!
[[User:Aquamarine1212|Aqua]]- My sister, also one of my best friends, who loves writing like I do. She is a waaay better artist than me.
[[User:Artimas Hunter|Arti]]- She wrote the amazing New Generation Series, which shows how good she is at writing. Very helpful, but we must watch her closely to make sure she does not go sane! Don't do it, Arti!
[[User Talk:Spottedlions|Spottedlions]]- One of my friends from warriors wiki, she is great at writing and I hope she writes some stories on here.
[[User:Birdpaw|Birdy]]- I met her on warriors wiki, she is really nice and good at writing stories. Her Power of Four series is great!
[[User:Sandwich989|Brindle989]]- A user I don't know that well but is a good writer.
[[User:Wishbird|Wishbird]]- A new user I helped out with but doesn't go on much anymore. I hope she comes back!
[[User:Rosiesback|Rosie]]- My funny friend who has very cool, creative ideas for stories and warrior names. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but very nice and unique. I luv her drawings!
[[User:Forestpaw13|Foresty]]- Also random and funny, I don't know her that well yet, but I hear she has good stories which I plan to read soon.
[[User:Mistysun|Misty]]- A new friend of mine who writes very well. I like how her stories are short but they say so much. That way it doesn't take me hours to read them.
[[User:Zaffie|Zaf]]- Zaf's an awesome friend and great at writing. Very random, funny, and crazy. She is subject to yelling “bananas!” or “OLE” at random times. She has declared me a airplane, and I am honored. I've always wanted to fly! Definitely a banana buddy.
[[User:Poppyshadow|Poppy]]- She is amazing at drawing! Her art is unique, and very awesome. She is a good friend.
[[User:Skydragon16|Skydragon]]- Another of my best friends, Sky is amazing at writing from different points of view! She is a great artist. She is a has a gentle temper, and does her best not to say things too harshly, but at the same time is not afraid to state her opinion.
[[User:Snickers20|Snickers]]- I don't know Snickers that well but I read her songfic and it's really good.
[[User:SmudgyHollz|Smudgy]]- I don't know her that well but she is very nice, and I feel sorry for how strict her school is.
[[User:Hiddensun|Sunny]]- Very cheerful, nice, and helpful. Always willing to help out if there's a problem.

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