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Le party don't start till I walk in~ STORMYY!! Where do I start? You have been so nice and helpful, even when I make mistakes you're always there to teach me, You are a great person and I love working with you ;D

<3 Luke is mine <3

This cat~ Blade! Oh sweet, sweet Blade =D First, I want to say you are one heck of an awesome story writer!! Its cool how we both joined on the same day too ;) You are Amaxing (Omg i accidenly spelt amazing like that but I love that!! So imma keep it!) Haha yeah, I love talking to you and listen to you rant about random stuff. You are AMAXING ;D

<3 Luke is mine ​<3

Everyone knows my name... Well, except the rest of the world XD~ Clever, you are a great and close friend of mine and i've known you for quite a while. You are an inspirasion to me and I know I wouldn't be the person I am now without you! I actually wouldn't have found this wiki without you ;D

<3 Luke is mine ​<3

Surprise is the warrior's greatest weapon... BOO! ~ Twisterr XD Even though I don't know you SO well, I know you enough to say this, you are RAD! B) ahah that was lame xP jk but you really nice and a great person to be around! I know you'll always be there to help meh! ;D UPDATE: I've gotten to know you pretty well, you are a great user!

<3 Luke is mine ​<3

A baby's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear...Unless it's 3 AM, you're home alone, and you don't have a baby.~ Haha Petal, you crack me up XD I don't know you VERYY well but I do know you don't like to be called PetalS. You are really cool and fun, and I love talking to you on chat Petals! Sorry, I had to do that ;D

<3 Luke is mine ​<3

Derp, I haven't signed this yet, I want my opinion to be fancy, and crazy :3 Enjoy your day *bows*~ Greetings, good fellow. You are, how do kids these days say it... You are very cool and awesome! Hmm.. I shall add more later. (Now I can just put my siggy since in says the same thing!!) UPDATE: Okai I don't care that this isn't fancy and sorry but; FIREYYY, You are one of mah BESTIESS on here. You helped me get through troubles when I was down and you're always there for meh! <3 youuu

     <3 Luke imine <3

My last day on here. D:~ MISTY, MISTYYY I don't know what's going on, why are you leaving?? You can't leave me- no-NO. *Huddles in the corner holding head and goes mentally insane* How will I survive without you?? Mist- NOOO- You're my sister, we were going to meet in real life, be bff's forever...ECTTTT. Now hows is that going to be possible?? MISTY. No.No.NOO. Someone explain!! PLEASE!! *Sobs alone forever* You're the one I can talk to with everything (And Firey) You're the one who motivates me to do the right thing when I have suicidal thoughts. Misty. You can't go... <3 Sis... <3 I love you <3 UPDATE: WHEWWW I'm gladdd your not leaving!! I don't know what I'd do without youu!! I knew it was a sign ;D (AHAH lame inside joke xD) You (And Firey) are my Best Friend on here!! I lof youuuu

<333 Luke MISTY is mine <333


BD~ Ohai thar!! I don't know you too much since we never talk... But I do hope we can become great friends!! Looking forward to meeting you!

I can't think about something to say so lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal oh hi ~ AHAH Flamey!! How you make me laugh ;D You are awesome. I think i was one of the first users you met correct? Well, when we met we just sparked! You are nice, funny, and amazing!! I love talking to you!

Luna!~ Uhm... You're an oldie... I don't really know you... You seem pretty cool doe!

Today... Will bring doom... 01:44, November 22, 2013 (UTC)~ Erhm.. I already did you..

Derp! :3 *Gives you an owl*~ Blue!! I havn't talked to you much but! I know that you are pretty awesome and you love owls...? Correct?? Haha yeh, your pretty cool!

Waffles will reign DESTRUCTION!!!~ OHAI! You're (And Blade) are like my rockin' music buddy xD I can relate to you well, and I lovee talking to you! You are really cool and awesome!!


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