October 26

Hey guys! SO my first diary entry!! So, uh..yeh!

I just created a new wiki with Eevee! And one yesterday with Misty! It's fun. I'm really excited for halloween, I made my fake peircings!! (BVB)

Uh, yeh.. I'll be leaving in like a week.. I'm excited but sad at the same time...

<3 Luke is mine <3 21:05, October 26, 2013 (UTC)

October 28

Today, I was pretty scared! I had to get my flu shot before I leave, and i HATE shots!! But yeh.. U get to go horse back riding today!! Well I go every Monday :3

Okai so now i'm getting pretty nervous. So tomarrow is the day before Halloween and my school lets us go in our costume but for my costume, it won't work unless my hair is straightened, and my hair is very bushy and curly... So i'm thinking of secretly straightening my hair at night... Since my mom won't let me... :/


<3 Luke is mine <3 23:22, October 29, 2013 (UTC)

October 29

NEW SIGGY!!! Black Veil Brides 00:57, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks Blade :3

School; I have to do an essay, well story... Stupid. ._.

This is a very short entry...well...yeh.

October 30

So today at mah school we could come in our costumes! xD It was fun especially cause me and my friend would call anyone who didn't losers xD Cause im mean like dat! DEAL WITH IT. Lol jk, but yeh or anyone who just had a fail in life...

Luke was a loser xD I'd call him Loser Luke, or Luke the Loser... ahahaha okai but yeh, I got my independent Study stuff for my vacation...SO SOON ;( But i have like 5 pages of math and like 1000 pages for History.. WAHHHH (Crying/Whining) But I get to be excused from a Sci. Project! YAY

October 31

Halloween Day. Yay right?? Not for me. AT ALL. Kids go out have fun run around and get hyper, me? Me? I'm stuck at my stupid home, cleaning my STUPID FKIN ROOM!!!! What fun right? -_______- I hate my life.

Worst Halloween ever. I didn't even get candy! Nor was I able to pass it out!! D; I wish some of you guys reading this were with me right now... I dunno if people even read this or not... Except Fizz... Your awesome Fizz, you know who you are ;D

But yeh, packing and cleaning. I leave on Saterday morning... My real-life Best Friend (User:BrightStripe)is still FREAKING OUT about me leaving.. And so I have mixed feelings... Some dude called me Emo.. Which im not sure if I am one or not.. Or if i'm turning into one..

I'm so confused D; Please leave a message on 'Talk' for this page or on my Talk Page.. If you're even reading this..

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