Please read a VERY special story of mine even if you don't read my stories.. Just this one.. Please... It would mean alot to me. I hope you enjoy it

and I hope it warms your heart <3

Welcome to Meh Page!

Credit for  some coding (Background/colors) goes to AvengedSevenfoldGirl 


 Black Veil Brides!!!!

Okai now that I said that, I like mosly rock and punk and a small bit of pop. I also like Green Day, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Metallica, Did I say Black Veil Brides?? BLACK VEIL BRIDES IS DA BOMB DOEE!!! Just saying..

I recently got into Sleeping With Sirens! There good! BTW you should listen to "Face Down" By The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!!!




My Wiki's!!

Well I have my own Survivor Dogs Wiki and not much is on there im working on it but please feel free to go on it and join the action! The Wiki's Here

And I just recently made a Roleplaying and Fanfiction Wiki here!


Loner: Hawk

Apprentice: Hawkpaw

Warrior: Hawkbreath

Deputy: Hawkbreath

My Favorites:

Favorite Good Cat: Ashfur!!! (NO HES NOT EVIL)

Favorite Bad Cat: Mapleshade or Maggottail

Favorite Book: Sunrise

Favorite Couple: CloudxBright or BrackenxSorrel

Least Favorite Good Cat: Spiderleg/Squirrelflight

Least Favorite Bad Cat: Breezepelt

 Least Favorite Book: Hmm.. Maybe none!!

Least Favorite Couple: SpiderxDaisy

My Apprentice:

I currently have an apprentice. His name is Whitepaw (he's actually my cat). He is training to be a warrior of Nightclan aka Shadowclan. He is very lazy but when it comes to hunting (a lazer) hes is up and ready! He is doing well in battle training he is learning well. He loves exploring the territory (my backyard) and smells every inch! SHHHH!

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