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Warriors Fanfiction

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Hello! I am HUDAman00, and please feel welcome to visit any of my work! You can call me HUDAman for short, or Raystar!

I greatly appreciate people giving me constructive criticism, as it shows me what I can improve!

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ZENITH WARRIORS: About my many OC's


The New Night Series (Collab with StarNightLifeShadowDay003, will occasionally be updated)

Book 1- The Silent Call

Book 2- Dark Betrayal

Super Editions and Novellas

Super Edition (Discontinued)- Raystar's Ambition

Other Fanfics

Quality Fics

Skykit's Conquest- Good version of Memekit's Memery if you're into grammar.

Burn (Collab with Warriors)- When a dormant volcano erupts, what will the few survivors do?


SPOOF MODE- This is by far my most successful piece of work so far!

Memekit's Memery- Very illegible trollfic.

Opinion Talks

Warrior Ships I HATE (And ones I love!)

I have a lot of OC's that appear in different stories, so... here they are! BTW, they are all related!

This is very incomplete section so like yeah



Appearance: Orange tom with amber eyes

Personality: Does everything strategically, and is very rude to people he considers untrustable or is unfamiliar with.

Mate: Frostflurry

Kits: Flameclaw, Leafbreeze

Parents: Light (Adoptive mother)

Clan: FireClan/NightClan

Position: Leader/Deputy/Warrior


Appearance: White furred she-cat with light grey spots and blue eyes

Personality: Very kind and loving, and always tries to maintain peace between cats.

Mate: Raystar

Kits: Flameclaw, Leafbreeze

Parents: Brackenthorn, Meadowshine

Clan: FireClan/NightClan

Position: Medicine Cat


Appearance: Orange tom

Personality: Has a large amount of pride (esp. FireClan), and will do whatever it takes to win a battle as long as it doesn't break the warrior code.

Mate: Hollybranch

Kits: Blazeclaw, Ravenwing, Bramblefur

Parents: Frostflurry, Raystar

Clan: FireClan

Position: Deputy/Warrior


Appearance: Light brown she-cat with amber eyes


Mate: N/A

Kits: N/A

Parents: Frostflurry, Raystar

Clan: FireClan/NightClan

Position: Medicine Cat

Need some inspiration? Read on! (Or don't, I dunno)

April 2021 #Q2-

The things that matter in life are the things you don't think about. Choose your own path, even though it may lead to your doom.


April 2021 #Q1-

Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain

Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain

-50 Cent

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