Hello old friend/new user/stalker! I am HIMG, a user who joined this place a while ago and mainly writes blog posts every six months so she can feel nostalgic and chat to old users (and the new ones who don't care who she is). :) You can read some of my old fanfictions if you really want to but most of them are abhorrent and I never want to look at them again (seriously, tread carefully, the writing is awful). I really like Hamilton, Star Wars and Harry Potter so you could message me about them if you like but it will take me at least 4 months to reply, due to the fact that I rarely check back on here. :) And yes, don't worry, I'm writing in Comic Sans ironically.

But if you really, REALLY want to look at my old userpage stuff, here it is:

​Please don't look


Pls no

So embarrassing


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