Hello old friend/new user/stalker! I am HIMG, a user who joined this place a while ago and mainly writes blog posts every six months so she can feel nostalgic and chat to old users (and the new ones who don't care who she is). :) You can read some of my old fanfictions if you really want to but most of them are abhorrent and I never want to look at them again (seriously, tread carefully, the writing is awful). I really like Hamilton, Star Wars and Harry Potter so you could message me about them if you like but it will take me at least 4 months to reply, due to the fact that I rarely check back on here. :) You could also follow me on Instagram, @jedisteps, where I post Star Wars fun daily. And yes, don't worry, I'm writing in Comic Sans ironically.

But if you really, REALLY want to look at my old userpage stuff, here it is:

​Please don't look


Pls no

So embarrassing


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