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Hi there! Welcome to my userpage. I am HIMG, previously known as Helloitsmeguys but my username was way too lon, and everyone called me HIMG anyway. :D As I was saying, welcome to my page! Feel free to stalk (but honestly there isn't anything intesresting), copy/paste my OK coding or be nosy. xD I know I would. :) Below is some links; click them to see some of my pages. Read along to find out some more about me!

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About the real HIMG

Me? Ok. Here is a list of ME!!!

Name: Noodle (No, I'm joking. You'll never know my real name and you'll never get it by guessing either. HA!)

Age: Lots of people on here are suprised by my age. That's all I'm telling you.

Nationality: BRITISH!!

Siblings: two brothers

Favourite Animal(s): Kittens. Cats. Tigers. Lions. PUGS!

Pets: None currently. I would like a cat though. :)

Favourite Book(s): Warriors (duh!), The Host, Twilight Saga, the Wings series.. xD I'm such a girl. Ooh, and Harry Potter of course.

Random Fact: I have me ears pierced

Another Random Fact: I'm a self confessed geek

Even Randomer Fact: I love baking. :D Cakes, biscuits, tarts.....I LOVE it. My most impressive bake to date? Swiss Roll. (VERY hard folks)

Favourite film: The Twilight Saga (TAYLOR LAUTNER!!!!), Harry Potter.

Favourite TV show: Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, the Simpsons. I don't really watch TV.

Favourite singer: Taylor Swift!

Couple I want to get back together: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. I liked them. :P

Favourite Actor: Taylor Lautner! <333333333

Favourite Actress: Emma Watson (HP rocks. I don't mean brown sauce)

And that's about it!

My Fursona(s)

  • Mintleaf- My main and orignial cat. She is the one I used in the Clanfic. She is a grey tabby she cat with pale green eyes. She is Mintkit my A New Dawn series, hoping to become a medicine cat. She is calm, helpful, but hates failing or getting things wrong.
  • Tornclaw- He is the main cat I roleplay on SummerClan (where I am an admin). He is a brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is the one I suggest when people need characters for their stories. :D

My Pictures

This is a gallery featuring all my favourite pics and drawings of my cats. Since I can't draw, none of the following are drawn by me. Here we go:

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