Top 5 Best & Worst Cats


5. Ashfur Well, Ashfur was epic until he went >:D. EVIL. Wich made him awesome because evil people make an interesting character.

4. Greystripe He is the kind of cat you want to hug. A lot. He is probably the only good hero/original character that didn't go rubbish towards the end. *cough*FirestarandBrambleclaw*cough*

3.Jayfeather Need I say more? He is snappy, grumpy and darn right adorable. Also, he's blind, hich gives him extra 'cool' points.

2. Daisy I love her for all the reasons everyone HATES here. Fat, lazy, does nothing and rather stupi.d, she is the best lazycat EVER.

1.Stick!Need I say more? Technically, he isn't a cat, but he rocks because he's just RANDOM.


5.Onestar Onestar was actually quite cool until he went super mad and evil in the new prophecy and nobody liked him anymore.

4.Ferncloud All she does is sit around the nursery doing nothing and having 1000 kits. She's not funny lazy like Daisy, just ANNOYING. Dustpelt isn't a very good match for her either.

3.Squirrelflight She was just downright annoying from the start. She's a liar, and a terrible mother too. One of the reasons why I hate Brambleclaw as well. >:D

2.Firestar Firestar was actually a good hero in the first series, but the 'hero' legacy went too far after he was killed by a TREE and was a boring leader from TNP onwards.

Joint 1st! Brambleclaw and Dovewing Need I say more?

Top 5 Best and Worst Shippings


5.SolXHollyleafThis is slightly weird but for some reason, its just cool. If Sol was a human, I reckon he'd be a stalker. xD Sorry.

4.JayfeatherXHalf Moon Cute, no? And Jayfeather is struck by the ThunderClan Medicine Cat Illegal Love Curse.......

3.SquirrelflightXAshfur I don't like Squirrelflight, but I personally think Ashfur's a better match for her than Brambleclaw.

2.MapleshadeXTigerstar Don't you want this one to happen? Anyone? Come one, it would be an evil powerhouse!

'1. JAYFEATHERXSTICK'! Yeah, its Jay and Stick again. It's a bit weird (like Stick) but you can't help but love it!


5.SpiderlegXDaisy Well, this is TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. Their kits are annoying, Daisy's lazy and Spiderleg has anger management problems. xD

4.BumblestripeXDovewing I don't like this one because Bumble's too nice for Dove. I mean it. Tigerheart's a better match for her because they're similar in personality.

3.DustpeltXFerncloud Like I said above, they don't suit each other. :P

2.Firepaw/heart/starXSpottedleafThis didn't work anyway, because Spottedleaf's WAAAAAAAAAAY older than Firestar was back in the day, plus, they barely knew each other.

1.Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw! JUST NO They are really bad for each other.

Opinions on Warriors Books

Into the Wild-Bit cheesy at the begining, but got me into Warriors!

Fires and Ice-Quite cool. But the best bit was evil Brokenstar!!!

Forest of Secrets-To find out why Tigerstar REALLY hated Bluestar, click here

Rising Storm: The bit where Yellowfang dies! She's one of my fave characters!

A Dangerous Path: Poor Brightheart! I temporarily hated Bluestar when she named her 'Lostface.' But then I loved her when she died.

The Darkest Hour: Firestar becomes leader! Awesome book. Best one of the original series.

Midnight: Bit wubbish. Brambleclaw's more of a Worrior than a Warrior in this book.

Moonrise: Feathertail's death really made me cry. 'Don't make me save you again..'. So sad.

Dawn: The Clans move! This was actually a bit boring.

Starlight: LeafXCrow begins!!!! They're DOOMED I say!

Twilight: SquirrelXAsh begins. Best pairing ever. Best New Prophecy book.

Sunset: YAY! Hawky dies! But he'll be back...To romance with Ivypool.

The Sight: The three are here! Poor Jayfeather!

Dark River: Discovery of the tunnels. JayXStick begins!! Best shipping EVER!!

Outcast: Worst book set in the mountains with the Tribe. Personally, I don't think we needed it.

Eclipse: Sol! I have a horrid feeling that he loves Hollyleaf...Ergh....

Long Shadows: LOVED this one!! Just amazing! And Breezepelt gets evil..

Sunset: best book in the POT series. So much happens!! Leafpool is there mother! Really well written.

The Fourth Apprentice: Hated this one. Just a rip off of Midnight (which was quite bad anyway).

Fading Echoes: Ooh, HawkXIvy begins! And the Dark Forest rises..

Night Whispers: More people start training in the Dark Forest. Not the best book.

Sign of the Moon: Best book in the OTS series. Stoneteller loses control! Jayfeather lurves Half Moon!

The Forgotten Warrior: YAY! The world rejoices, as Hollyleaf comes back form the dead....

The Last Hope: .....But then she dies again in the final battle along with Firestar, Mousefur and Ferncloud-the-kit-machine.

The Sun Trail: OMG this is a good start to a new series <3333

Biggest Warrior Names Mistakes

Rainflower: I don't think a 'rainy flower' exists.. (from Crookedstar's Promise)

Willowshine: Seriously? It's like oh, shiny willows, yay. (The POT series and OTS)

Shellheart: The heart of a shell. THEY AREN'T TECHNICALLY LIVING THINGS (Crookedstar's Promise)

Ivypool: A pool of ivy? Really, Erins? And '-pool' is a medicine cat name. (OTS series)

Sunfish: Fishy sun. Great. (Crookedstar's Promise)

Tallpoppy: Just no. Tall poppys? (Original and TNP series)

Clawface: You just picture a face made out of claws....... (original series)

Sorreltail: Sorrel is a plant, and I didn't know that till I googled it. (The Darkest Hour-present)

Flametail: His tail must be on fire or something.

Pearnose-Thank you for this one, Darky. xD Stupid really.

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