This is where I list my favourite fanfics, wikis, books and films. <3



3rd- I'm a ThunderClan Cat: Get Me Out Of Here! By Mossy I used to write this, but then I came up with loads of other stories so I didn't have time to write it. :P It was adopted by Mossy, and is now one of the best crackfics on here,

2nd- Fairyprince's Annoying Guides By Amber OMIGOSH these are so funny! These small set of spoofs are about Fairprince, who annyos the best Mary-Sue type charries. xD Read ad laugh/

1st- Big Brother:ThunderClan Season 2 By Tangle Tangle is one of my bestest buddies on here, so its obvious I love this. The first season was AWESOME, and in the second run, I want either Jayfeather or Purdy to win. :D

Series & Shows

3nd- The Hidden By Rainy I love this show! <3 Rainy is an awesome writer, and I epsicially love her show. My faveourite character is Reedur. Aquatail really creeps me out though. *shivers*


2nd- Home by Robo- Just go read this!! It has AMAZING diologue,and the characters are likeable. Robo has LOADS of fics in here, so if you have time go and check them out!


2nd- War by Arti If you have a chance, read this, I plead. It's just.....fabulous. There aren't really any other words to describe it. :D It has battles, and continues to be emotional as well.


3rd-Your Heart Is A Muscle by Rainy This one is really well written. Deersoul and Coaldust are so CUTE! Anyway, the feelings in this songfic are beautifully portrayed, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

2nd- Red by, er, Red! This is a really good album, Red is a super writer and the songs fit perfectly with the story.

1st- The Fighter by Star Sad. Amazing. Beautiful. That is all I have to say.


This isn't a top three list, but a list of books (in no particular order) that I have loved and enjoyed.

Harry Potter by JK Rowling- If you haven't read these, I can't (and won't) talk to you. These are amazing, but the films weren't as good. My favourite character is Dobby. xD SO CUTE!

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer- I know loads of you on here hate it, but I ADORE all the books. (And the films...*coughTaylorLautnercough*)

The Host by Stephenie Meyer- This is totally different to Twilight, so don't be put off! It is really interesting, with possibly the strangest love triangle in literature. Wanda belongs with Ian. That is all.

The Wings series by Aprilynne Pike- This is about faeries. It changes the way you look at them. Pike is a really good writer, and I hope she releases more books. Laurel belongs with Tamani!! Pardon... I think there's going to be a film too, so I will eagerly await that.

Warriors- Obviously, if you haven't read them, you won't be on here. Let's just say this.... JAYX STICK FOREVER!!!

The Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie-This is SOSOSOSO GOOD!! It is about four teenagers who discover that they have psycic powers.

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare-these books are beyond awesome. The follow the life of teenager Clary Fray who si drawn into the world of Shadowhunters, half angel warriors protecting earth from demons.

Films & TV

Harry Potter- Emma Watson is such a good actress. I haven't seen Rupert Grint for a while though. Maybe he's dissapeared.

The Twilight Saga- Not as good as the books, but great all the same. Taylor Lautner is HOT!!!!

The Host- I haven't seen this yet, but want to. That is why it's on my list.

The Simpsons- Just awesome and funny. I love Maggie. She's so cute!

The Great british Bake Off-Amazing show where contestants make yummy cakes. The onlt bad thing about the show is that it makes you REALLY HUNGRY. I ate TWO chocolate caramel ice cream lolly things whilst watching last time. xD

Wikis you should be on

Warrios wiki- I'm not on it, but I look on it for spoilers and such.

SummerClan Roleplay Wiki- I'm an admin here, and I have nine or so cats. Please join!

Any other Roleplay sites around wikia, especially NightClan and IceClan.

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