Opinions on YOU!

This is how it is going to work: you post your username and I write about your epicness/awesomeness/annoyingness. So go post! (By the way.. please add a link to your profile so I can contact you) NOTE: THIS MEANS I AM FREE TO SAY WHATEVER I WANT ABOUT YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

ZE WAFFLES ARE KILLING ME! Ah! Tangle! Possibly the coolest user on the wiki. He is epic, and he created BBTC so that makes him even more epic! And, all his other fanfics, ( I love the Firestar's Quest spoof) are amazing. Plus, he has cerebal palsy, and if you ever read any of his works, you would never know. Annoyingly, I never get the chance to talk to him live (stupid time zones) so we chat via our talk pages. Tangle in one word? That's hard, but its fair to say he is AWESOME! Verdict: AUSSIEEEEEEEEEEEE!

DAN IS MINE! Ahh, Robo! She is the creator of my siggie (which is nice of her) and I L-O-V-E Home! Roo has become a really good friend of mine an we have both supported eachothers fanfictions with enthusiasum. Robo has been very nice to me and TWO of my stories are dedicated to her. (TC and AND:BR) But the best thing about her is her feud with Rainy over Dan Kuso. This has been used in many fanfics over and over again, because its very hilarious. Robo-Amazing at siggies! Also, we are both TAYLOR SWIFTIES!! <3333333333 Verdict: A turtle. And a FRIENDLY turtle :3

Lily wants an opinion NOW! Lily! I love her. Big Brother: Warriors Fanfiction is very funny, but my fave fanfic of hers is The Clans' Got Talent. Ashfur and his Laughing Toilet-It sounds mad but it is UH-MAY-ZING! This act is so randomly random but it works: Ashfur telling rubbish jokes and the toilet laughing. Sorry, but I got stiches reading that. In a totally good way. :D Verdict; PIZZAAAA

Stalking user pages. My profession Moss is pretty damm awesome. And he/she loves Harry Potter (as do I. Squee!) Also, she adopted IATC:GMOOH! so that means she is awesome. Plus, me and Moss both love BBTC and are epic mates with Tangle. PLUS she's features in IATC: GMOOH! lots of times. So, all's well in Mossland, yeah? Verdict: Funnywoman for life

Merp! Arti is the awesome admin. :D On chat, she often gets ninja-ry and kicks Red's butt, which is quite amusing. Verdict: BAE (Best Admin Ever)

ZOO! HAZZA! Nighty left quite recently. :( However, she was funny and awesome, and I wish I'd got to know her better. Verdict: Cool Les Miserables lover.

I have something important to say... *clears throat* HI! When she's not feuding with Robo over Dan, Rainy writes. Which is a really good thing, BTW. I have become great friends with her now, and we both love TAYLOR SWIFT & LAUTNER!!!!! I love her writing and her general amazingness, and she was one of the first people I met on here.  Whatever, Rainy makes me laugh with every comment she posts. Verdict: BLUE PORCUPINE AND BELOVED AMIGO!

Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan FIRESTAR!! We are amazing British peoples! *bows to Firestar* All hail our king.....Firestar is pretty new but I have had very lengthy (and funny) chat convos with him! Also, Firestar is our leader so you have to bow before him or he gets angry. :D Verdict: British pals and owner of a throne

Afterlife and Redshade Hello there! Red is a new user but he is incredibly nice. He is also very funny. I am much looking forward to The Massacre. Red has ben all-around nice to me and he is tres funny. *saluts* ALL HAIL GENERAL RED Verdict: A chicken xD JK

JET!! Yes I am awesome! HAI JET!! Jet is amazing. I don't know how, but she (don't know yet) makes pictures! (I am very jealous, because I cannot draw. D:) She did mine which is really cool. And as a prezzie for doing this you get..*drumroll* A MASSIVE CAKE! (Hands Jet 20 tier cake) CONGRATS! Verdict: YOU AWESOME DRAWER!

NEWS FLASH! Screaming at a lion will make it turn into a mouse! *screams at lion*  Hey! Hawky! Omigosh, she is sooooo cool! Two-Legged but Strong: Story of a Two-Legged Kittypet is really well written. I don't know Hawky all that well yet, so more coming. Promise! Verdict: My French teacher in disguise xD

Mistyyyyy! Well hello, hello. It's *drumroll please* MISTY! She is a new user but a very, very good writer. Turtlestar's Journey is a fabulous new story and I hope she will write more. You just read it and you're thinking O.O WOW! I don't know Misty too well yet but I hope we'll become friends. :D Verdict: Fabulousness

Yo soy el huelga de la avalancha Hey its STRIKEH! In Spanish, heh. Currently, I have been talking to Strikeh a lot on chat and I am LOVING Flight: Legacy of threat. She seems like a nice person and I look forward to knowing her better. What I do know is that she is a FANTASTIC writer! :D Verdict: HISPANIC BUDDY!

クレーンのアイシーラッシュフェザー How come everyone is writing on my page in foreign languages? D: Don't mind really, but what I would like to know, Feather, is WHAT THE HELL DOES IT SAY? Anyhoo, on with the opinion. Yes, I absolutley adore the Feathery, Icy, Craniness that is IXFXC! The Story of Icewrath, Featherswirl, and Craneheart is very good, as is Quillfeather's Assassin. Amazing writer. And cool drawings, too. XD Verdict: A lon username, but nice and always up for a collab. xD

Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, DO DA DO DAAAA DO DA DO DA DAAAAAAYYYYYY Wow, taht was a long link. :D Well hello there, it is ze amazing FLOATS! Yep, she is awesome, random and loves One Direction (though Niall is WAY better looking than Louis. :3) And from what I know, Floatie and I are officially mates. End of. ;D Verdict: RANDOMLY STRANGE BUT COOL!

L'oiseau brume déploie ses ailes ... quand il ya un nouveau départ. Aller truite! TROUT FOREVER! UMmmmmmmm.....

NU! I luvs ya, Misty! Her fanfics are incredible, and she codes SO WELL! She's ALWAYS on chat, and we have funny convos :D Verdict: Cool. B)

Dark-Look a flying waffle! JI THERE FLYING WAFFLE! XD Not really, its DARKY! Yes, I luffles her awesomesauceness. She has a charm and our chat convos are HILARIOUS. She is definetly a good friend of mine and she draws PICTURES (how, I don't know). But put it this way: She is cool and I want to know her better. :3 JI is a typo made by me on chat and me and Dark use it as our greeting now. xD We also have pug avatars. PUG BUDDIES!! Verdict: AN EPIC WAFFLE AND PUG LOVER!

Princess DAWNY!! Princess and creator of the Harlem shake! JK ZONG! It's DAWNY WAWNY! HI THERE! Yes, I love Dawn from the core of me awesome soul. She is an inspiring writer and funny too. xD We have LOADS of funny chat conversations. II want to get to know her better. :D Verdict: An awesomsauce princess AND Hispanic buddy.

ooh, do me an opinion! And forgive my link, too. Everyone's special. I'm special by linking one of my fanfictions. AMBER!!!!!!!<3 I LUFFLES YOU! Really, I do. She is the QOS (Queen Of Spoofs), and I especially adore Beautydream's Story. Amberflower rocks, as she is a funny person with heaps of enthusiasm. I hope to know her better. Verdict: Friends? I hope so. :D

I'll tell you EXACTLY why Jay broke up with stick: It was so he could be with me! XD  WRONG! I LOVE JAYFEATHER! JK. But Hwk, you already signed this! See above. ^ But as a recap, Hawky is amazing, funny and I am in love with The Amazing Couples Gameshow. xD Verdict: Again, my French teacher in disguise.

The Awesome One Hello there, senior user! *bows* Joking. Birdpaw seems like a very nice user and I want to get to know here better!!! Verdict: The PM

*pushes Birdpaw* The ORIGNAL AWESOME ONE! (idea from Crys) This is someone who I do not know too well but seems cool. Verdict: A Dorito

The awesome storm that is silver Alright, so this person is an amazing writer, cool writer, epic writer....A very good author, in a few words! Stormy was very quiet as a noobydoob, but soon she became one of the respected users here. I love her. She's also a very good artist as well. Verdict: Mike from Monsters Inc

♫ And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you ♫ (talk) 22:35, August 20, 2013 (UTC)Who on earth are you?? Verdict: Random?

Guess who! Yeah, well I don't know Eevee that well, and I actually have no idea what an Eevee is. I was told it was something out of Pokemon? Anyway, the user Eevee seems to be a good writerr with lot of personality. Also-she spells grey like I do, not GRAY!! YAY Verdict: An Eevee (duh)

I THOUGHT I SIGNED THIS (wails) OMG SO DID I!!! D: Brighty is a generally epic waffle who loves writing and everything else. She is super awesome and so is her writing. I drew a pic for her and she bounces around like a hyoeractive potato (did I just say that O.O) In short: LUV HER!!! Verdict: A hyperactive potato waffle

I ran out of witty things to say on an opinions page! *Cries* It happens to all of us. *pats* Heya Warrior (What are your nicknames?)! I don't know you much but you seem like a good writer and appear to be quite cool. Verdict: Cool as a cucumber B)

LOLOLOLOL im hawkfrost but you can call me flamey WHO ARE YOU?? Verdict: Nooby?

Le party don't start till I walk in(STOLEN xD) Do you know me well enough..? WOW this is long!I'll stop now xD You seem ok I guess, better than some of the other noobs. Verdict: a giraffe

Who am I? X3 Clue: Take this owl. Dis girl an owl <3er! Oh noes another noob Dx. I am so sorry but I have absolutely no idea who you are but you seem better than some other noobs. Verdict: an owl.

This epic Blade cat person writer... person X3 YAY BLADEY! She is a really cool writer and gives AMAZING constructive comments. I don't know her amazingly well but she is very epic. Verdict: And epic Blade cat person writer.

I honestly don't know about the previous thing. I didn't put it there. I find that plain wierd. Dude, I already gave you an opinion. But to be honest, my opinion of you has changed. :) At first I did find you an  extremely irritating noob, but after spending some time on chat with you, I have grown to like you. Your stories are very original as well. :D Verdict: The noob that wasn't

Oh my god, am I allowed to sign this O.O COURSE YOU ARE! Firey is a really good writer who is extremely original. Despite still being a n00b, she can manage herself very well. LIKE HER! Verdict: The fire dude

Shiningfur Hello Shine. :) Shine is extremely interested in my British culture which is very cool FINALLY SOMEONE GETS ME! Her only story is amazing and I was the first person she talked to. *proud face* Lets just say I'm really proud to know her. Verdict: An american scone

O_O Skystorm!! :D Sky happens to be Shine's sister and loves doing this face: O_O on chat. xD After several Chat conversations, I have found that I like her and she is a vvery funny person. :) Verdict: The tea to go with the scone.   

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