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==January 2013==
Omigosh, I have had a REALLY TERRIBLE month. So, in a nutshell: one of my closest friends told me her mum had breast cancer. Turns out she didn't at all. My mum emailed her mum about it and she said that she was fine. FINE!!! And then my friend went on a diet and told everyone me and my friends were geeks, and that I am over clever. It is probably because she's just an attention seeker. Okay, I'm top set everything but I DO NOT THINK I'M A GEEK!! All the boys think I'm ugly, but actually, I'm pretty damn beautiful. Just because I wear glasses!! So this 'friend' of mine is now ignoring me. And flirting with the boys.But on the bright side, I got into a new school, so if we move I might be able to get a kitten! SQUEE!!
==February 2013==
Aaah, had the best time ever at my best friend's birthday party. These people came ito her house and gave us mani's, pedis and facials. SO FUN! And then we watched Twilight and oogled over Taylor Launter. Me and my bezzie are Team Jacob but my other two mates (not the one who lied about her mum) are Team Edward. Also, big improvements on the academic front: got 25/25 on an english and a chemistry test. Feel very proud of myself. Told the deputy head at school about meh mate's lies. She (the deputy) reckons something must be wrong at home. And I agree with her. Now my 'friend' is hanging out with the popular people, who have quasi-Californian accents and brains the size of a fingernail.
==March 2013==
Had a major swimming gala at school. I came last in the 25m frontcrawl (but it's not my best stroke) and lead the team to victory doing breaststroke in the medly relay. ALSO MY SUN TRAIL BOOK ARRIVED IN THE POST. XDDDD Anyway, the year 7 (my year) production of Peter Pan went smoothly, I guess. We did two performances. The second was way better, but in the first, the curtain got caught in the stage blocks, so a mermaid had to pull it ou. And in the big battle scene at the end, Hook's sword was knocked out of his hand (part of the fight) and it rolled offstage (not part of the fight). Poor Peter Pan had to go under the stage and get it.

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