How I discovered Warriors

One English lesson, my teacher was away. So the cover teacher told us to read. I didn't have a book (I had just finishes Harry Potter) so I went to the school library. I scanned all over until I reached 'H'. There was Erin Hunter. I am an animal fan so the title 'Warrior Cats: Into the Wild' (this was an old copy, before the Erins changed the series to just Warriors) appealed to me. I started reading. My best mate teased me about the ShadowClan bit 'cos it does sound a little cheesey when you first start reading. After the prolouge, I was enthralled. At breaks, I would beg my mates to hang about in the library whilst I read. Then, I took out all the Warriors books in the library; I would read them in one day. However, 'cos our library's rubbish, my lovely mum bought the last two in the first series for me. Then I read and read and read some more. Though I haven't read any of the mangas or all of the Super Editions (so far I've only got to Crookedstar's Promise and Yellowfang's Secret) I have read all the main series books. Let's put it this way: when I picked that first book off the library shelf, I never thought I would get this addicted!

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