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Series & Shows

A New Dawn Series

This is the series following the lives of Bushkit, Mintkit and Firekit, Cinderheart and Lionblaze's kits. They are the only ones who can stop a deadly force rising between the Clans. This arc will consist if six books, A New Dawn: Blood River, A New Dawn: Before the Stars, A New Dawn: Bright Skies, A New Dawn: Ghost, A New Dawn: Shadows of Darkness and A New Dawn: Destiny of the Clans


This is a show following the lives of Airpaw, Firepaw, Waterpaw and Earthpaw, four apprentices in StormClan who have more power than anyone will ever know. But can they defeat the evil Deathstar and DarkClan? Or will the Elements fail?


This is a new show by me that follows a she-cat called Storm who comes from a long line of murderers. When she is asked to kill the deputy of a Clan, she begins to ask herself: does she want to be a killer anymore? Episodes are released every Friday.

Warriors Speak

This is a collection of short stories, all featuring different warriors telling their side of the story. So far in the series, there is Crowfeather Speaks, Cinderpelt Speaks, Thrushpelt Speaks and Mapleshade Speaks

Singles & Spoofs

The Tree- This is a stand alone story about a young loner called Sun who is forced to choose between joining OakClan or becoming a kittypet after his home is destroyed.

The Eye Of The Hawk- A tribute to my good friend Hawky. This follows the lives of two best friends, Hawkmask and Mintleaf.

HIMG's Guide to...PLOTS!- This isn't really a story, just a guide on how to make and form an excellent plot.


Slipped Away- This is one about Crookedstar's losses and the sadness he felt. Contains spoilers for 'Crookedstar's Promise'. OA is Avril Lavigne.

Wide Awake- This is Hollyleaf's story. I don't know why, but the ltrics fitted perfectly with her life and her emotions. OA is Katy Perry

Blue- This is a collection of songs, all written by me. :) There are eleven in total, but I've only done a few so far.


Spottedleaf's Poem, Silverstream's Poem & Feathertail's Death Poem- Collection of Poems by me.


Changed-A collab by me and five others about the Clans set in the future. When six cats gets taken away by twolegs, they come back to find they have special abilities.

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