Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

​I warned you not to look.

Here is horrible, trying-to-hard 12 yr old HIMG in all it's glory.

In advance, I'm sorry and don't worry, I'm not like this anymore.


About the real HIMG

. Name, age and description are nt availible! (Besides, you'd never guess my name anyway, HA!)

. I am British. Insult Britain, and you will get hit in the face with a brick.

. I have lots of hobbies. A few of these are: swimming, running, reading, writing, knitting, eating, sleeping, walking, baking, writing, reading, talking, breathing, WRITING, READING...

. I started reading Warriors in 2011 and immediatley became obsessed with cats.

. Before I fell in love with cats, I like pugs (and I still do. They're ADORABLE)

. I happen to be one of those people who is hyper and random and slightly mad.

. I LOVE reading and writing. My favorite books ever are Twilight, Warriors (duh) Wings, The Medusa Project, The Mortal Instruments, Lionboy, How to Train Your Dragon (I know it's for eight year olds but I still read them xD), Ruby Redfory, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Ask Amy Green, just to name a few.

. My least favourite books ever are Tuck Everlasting, Lord of the Flies and basically anything else they force you to read in English lessons.

. I am a nerd and have been for about two years now.

. I am terrible at sport, especially hockey.

. I am, however, alright at swimming, running and netball

. I love shopping. I really like trying things on and not buying them (bad habit) and trying on Victoria B sized heels., despite the shop people giving me strange looks.

. If I was one of the Four in The Medusa Project, I'd want my power to be telekinesis.

. I have a strange crush on Nico from TMP. He's a book character but who cares?! (I'm scary strange)

. My pin up is Taylor Lautner from Twilight.

. In The Mortal Instruments, I ship: Climon, Sissie, Malec and Jalec. Go figure out who goes with who.

. My favourite music is anything by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris, hip hop and a load of other junk that's on my iPod. xD

. My least favorite music is anything by One Direction or some loser off the X Factor who can't even sing.

. I really want a cat. If I had one, I'd call it either Mike or Percy.

. I LOVE Disney films. A few favourites are The Lion King, The Jungle Book and Monsters Inc.

. My current favourite couples are Calvin Harris and Rita Ora and (despite my dislike of One Direction) Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik.

. I love singing (badly) and dancing (badly)

. If I had to support a football team, I'd support either Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester City.

. If I had to live anywhere in the world other than England, I'd live in Paris, New York or Milan

. My favourite foods are cake, chips and satsumas. :3

My Fursona(s)

  • Mintleaf- My main and orignial cat. She is the one I used in the Clanfic. She is a grey tabby she cat with pale green eyes. She is Mintkit my A New Dawn series, hoping to become a medicine cat. She is calm, helpful, but hates failing or getting things wrong.
  • Tornclaw- He is the main cat I roleplay on SummerClan (where I am an admin). He is a brown tabby tom with green eyes. He is the one I suggest when people need characters for their stories. :D

My Pictures

This is a gallery featuring all my favourite pics and drawings of my cats. Since I can't draw, none of the following are drawn by me. Here we go: