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Hello,{{{1}}}, and welcome to my home page. I'm Ginger! I like coding, so I'd be happy to do sigs!

So.... yeah.

Idk what else to put here.

I like collabs?


The loneliest people are the kindest

The saddest peoplesmile the brightest

And the most broken people are the wisest.

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My OCs

Gingerstrike - calm, sweet, kind to everyone. - long furred ginger she-cat with green eyes and a white belly

Wildbreeze - Strong, wise, can be impulsive and overconfident. - black tom with amber eyes and a white ear, paw, and tail-tip

Snowfang - Kind, trusting, protective, is fiercely loyal to her clan, has strong convictions, can get emotionally overwhelmed easily. - pure white she-cat with green eyes

Vixenblaze - not too trusting at first, but kind and funny once you get to know her. - red she-cat with green eyes and white paws

Ryeskip - loyal, witty, sarcastic, helpful. - brown tabby Tom with Blue eyes

Chestnut - alert, helpful, and trustworthy. Used to be a loner, but now resides in Windclan with his sister, Cherrywish - light brown Tom with darker brown dapples on his back and amber eyes

Cherrywish - loves helping however she can, kind, a bit clumsy. - dark ginger tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. Her stripes look reddish.

Favorite Pages

Blue Moons and the sequel Moon's Fire

Bloody Skies and the sequel Stained Loyalty


Foxpaw's Guide to Being Reasonably Insane


A Shadow to a Flame



Blood Moon

Evil Leader series


Snowfang's Tale - Status: Unfinished. This fanfic was one of my first ideas to write. :D

Roar of the Wild Cats - Status: Unfinished. A collab between Dew and I. We are debating whether to split it into two books.

Wind and Water - Status: Just started. I finally write the story of my two main OCs, Gingerstrike and Wikdbreeze!

Defy the Codes - Status: Not started. My first series. Like I said, I first did it on a Google Doc, so be patient with me!

Tales of the Forgotten - Status: Not completed. Not really a fanfic, just really a grouping of all my novellas for Wind and Water and it's sequels.

Catch Me on the Flipside! - Status: Just started. Originally CinderheartRULES's idea, but I requested to help them because she wanted someone to help, so here I am.

Future Fanfics

Rainstar's Loss - A novella for Wind and Water.

Flame and Flower - Sequel to Wind and Water.

Sky and Shadow - Sequel to Flame and Flower.

Ice's Struggle - A novella for Sky and Shadow.

Thorn and Thunder - Sequel to Sky and Shadow

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