Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction
Hello, human! I be Fuzzy. Welcome to my poorly coded page! :P

My name: My name is totally Karen

My age: More than 4,745 days

Where I live: The Shiganshina District

My favorite color: Awesome Prussian Blue :3

My favorite shows: Hmm lets see.... Gravity Falls, Wipeout, 101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow, and Expedition Impossible :3

My favorite books: Warriors

My favorite food: Pasta!~

Favorite Artists and bands: Simple Plan, Imagine dragons, Owl City, Vocaloid, stuff like that

Favorite songs: Sharing Our World by Hatsune Miku :3

Anime I watch/watched: I have watched way too many to list them. But my favorites are Kuroko's Basketball, Hetalia, and Sword Art Online

Manga I read: Hetalia and Shingeki No Kyojin

~ ~ ~ ~

I may not be the best writer but I love how you can control anything in it <3

I am homeschooled so I'm usually more active and I procrastinate alot .-.

I am awkward and can't hold a conversation to save my life. . .

I have two cats named Cody and Nemo, a gerbil named Pinkie, and a doge named Lou.

I'm not around as much anymore but I'm still gonna be popping up :3

~ ~ ~Novels~ ~ ~

The Darkness Within Us ~ A kittypet and a warrior both never had it easy, one in a war with an evil group of rogues, one in a war with herself. As they realize the darkness inside of them, they try to change, trying to bring light.

Left to Leave ~ I kinda forgot the plot so I'm gonna restart on this. ^-^

Love or power ~ This was a story for a contest. It was about a tom who had to decide between being leader or staying with the she-cat he loves. Even thought he contest is long over, I'm still gonna continue it.

Life with a kittypet ~ This was also a story for a contest. I kinda forgot the plot, but the title says most of it though xP. I'm gonna continue this even though the contest is over.